DiscoverPresence And PracticeLet It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer]
Let It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer]

Let It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer]

Update: 2020-03-30


008 Breath prayer :: Let It Be : Done Unto Me

To complement this week's sermon theme "Challenged", we will use the phrase, “Let it be done unto me!” as our breath prayer.  We will breathe IN, “Let it be” and breathe OUT, “Done unot to me”. Our hope is to see our heartbeats pulsate with Mary’s surrender as we engage in this week’s breath prayer.  

Mary was an human like you and me living an ordinary and yet well-ordered life.  However, one day she  was greatly challenged and her heart was gravely troubed with Gabriel’s visit.  Gabriel brought a ‘good’ news that would change her well-ordered life into complete disorder.  She knew that her well-ordered life would be called into a complete disorder if she let His order land on her heart. And yet, she welcomed that disorder.  

How did Mary’s heart begin beating with a new rhythm?: the rhythm of letting go of her order and letting in of disorder; empyting order and welcoming disorder.  Did she somehow know that God would not end with disorder but bring reorder? 
This seems like a perennial truth: order-disorder-reorder.  

We do not know how Mary did?  One thing we know is that we would not let go of our well-ordered life unless we have to; we would not accept God’s invitation for transformation unless disorder sets in.  Suffering in the course of our life - mental, physical, emotional and relational suffering - bring us disorder and challenges us to accept the fact that there are things that we can not easily fix, control, change or explain. It seems like we find ourselves or the whole world in disorder and destabilization.  

What if we pause and receive this disorder as God’s invitation to follow Him in bringing ‘reorder’ in our life and the world?  It seems like the ‘oder’ that once worked nicely was built upon many private and separate selves who constantly in competition.  It seems like the ‘reorder’ God desires to bring will be built upon collective body that continually in cooperation.  God is inviting us to become a kind of people who let go of our order and welcome this disorder as a necessary suffering to bring reorder into our life. 

Jesus said to us, “Come, follow me!” 

Let ‘I-Thou’ encounter take place as we closely follow Him today! 

Let Jesus’ face reflect back to us who we are!  We have Jesus’ DNA in us.  

Notice what Jesus said at the end of his life, “Not my will, but yours, be done”  

Those who are drawn to use Jesus’ phrase as this week’s breath prayer please feel free to use it as an alternative one.  Mary’s phrase in the beginning of her life and Jesus one at the end of his life both share the same spirit of complete surrender and trust in God!  

  • Pause and set your intention to become fully present to God who is with us in this moment.
  • Breathe IN and say, “Let it be”  
  • Breathe OUT and say, “Done unto me”
  • Repeat three times
  • Notice the effect this prayer has on you. 

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Let It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer]

Let It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer]

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