Lets talk about Trust!

Lets talk about Trust!

Update: 2020-01-20


In this episode Rick gives a little humble brag about being ranked #27 in all Marketing podcasts in the month of January on Apple Podcasts, giving special thanks to Dustin Brohm and Phil Treadwell from Industry Syndicate.

While reflecting on some recent victories (Being elected to the board of directors for Emerald Coast Association of Realtors, awarded Realtor of the Year for N Walton County, Vice-Chair of Professional Development Committee, having my best year yet as a solo Realtor just to name a few) I pondered...HOW??  

How am I able to work perhaps 20-30 hrs a week, spend as much time as I want with my kids and family, attract some of the coolest clients to work with, and make as much money as upper-level executives??

I came up with one big thing...TRUST!

After asking for feedback from the clients I worked with in 2019 they listed my communication, my "genuine sense of care", hardworking, knowledgable AND TRUSTWORTHY!

That hit home.  Some of these people I have not known very long at all in person, but they were able to connect with me online, watch videos and connect with me before we met.  They listened to my message and watched my consistent theme of caring for my city, my family, my fellow realtors, my local businesses...they KNEW that I would take care of them, they KNEW that they could TRUST ME, before they ever met me!

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Lets talk about Trust!

Lets talk about Trust!


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Lets talk about Trust!

Lets talk about Trust!

Rick Gonzalez