Letting go of 2018

Letting go of 2018

Update: 2019-01-06


As a year closes out and a new one begins we tend to rush into creating our goals and intentions, but that does not work for everybody. You need to go at your own pace and take comfort in knowing that we are continuing to move out of 2018’s energy and there is still time to let go of the past years lessons.

We have just gone through an eclipse and have another one coming in a couple of weeks, which makes this a very powerful time. You have an amazing opportunity to flush out what is left and close the doors on all the parts of your life that are not serving you anymore so that you can move towards the possibilities of who you are meant to be in 2019.

If you feel like you are still stuck on some situations, people or feelings, here is an exercise to help you let go. Ask yourself and write down:

1. What is left from 2018 that is still bothering me? (this can be in any area that you are challenged with)

2. What is still bothering me about myself? What specific pieces was I challenged by? (ex: fights, relationship troubles, reactions…)

3. What is bothering me about interactions I had with any specific individual(s) in my life?

You can write your answers down in short or detailed form and explain the experiences in your relationships and anything you are still thinking about in yourself, situations or other people in detail. Once you have completed your list, write a goodbye letter to them all:

“To all these learnings and lessons, to all the people in my relationships, in all the moments that I have experienced in 2018, I now say goodbye. I’m choosing to release you to say goodbye to judgements, any kind of misunderstandings, moments I wish I could take back.

Thank you so much for all these lessons, experiences, people, places and moments. I appreciate everything you have taught me. I am saying goodbye to you”.

Once you are finished, sign and date the letter and burn it in a fireplace, rip it up, bury it in the earth; whatever you need to do and let it go. When you do the letting go process, sincerely say, “I am letting these things go” and feel the appreciation in your heart.

Check back in after a few days and ask yourself, “is anything still left”? Do not worry if there is, you still have more time to let go, we have a couple of weeks into January before the completion of the energy in the planets.

With the lunar eclipse on the 20th and your co-creative work, you will be absolutely ready and capable of setting your 2019 intentions with clarity, with a higher vibration, with inspiration and with more certainty.

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Letting go of 2018

Letting go of 2018