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Level Up Your Leadership – The Elevated Leader

Level Up Your Leadership – The Elevated Leader

Update: 2023-01-12


When it comes to leadership we often focus on "leadership" skills. That sounds good, but that is nothing more than horizontal development. Focusing on those skills is like adding more programs to your computer and expecting it to run faster and more efficiently. The fact is if you want your computer to run faster and more efficiently you need to upgrade the operating system. The same is true of leadership, if you want to be better at making better decisions you don't need more skills, you need an upgrade to your mind. On this episode of A New Direction Dr. Ryan Gottfredson joins us again to discuss how leaders can level up their leadership through vertical development. How to upgrade the operating system in your mind to become an Elevated Leader your team and your company always desired you to be.

Ryan Gottfredson's book The Elevated Leader: Level Up Your Leadership Through Vertical Development delves into the areas of leadership development that no book I have read has ever ventured into.  The fact of the matter is digging into our operating system, the mind, the will, the emotions and the mind/body connection is relatively new in the literature.  The truth however lies in the fact that you can get all the leadership training in the world, but if you are dealing with your errors of your mindsets, and your own stuff, you will stay stuck.  One of the most fascinating and impactful part of The Elevated Leader is Dr. Gottfredson's work and insight into how trauma can stunt our development.  The fact is most of us experience trauma, but either we deny it, ignore it, or suppress it, but the fact remains, it is our trauma that will keep up from our development.  We all need to take a closer look at it.  The book is absolutely so powerful.  Please take a look at the FREE assessments that Dr. Gottfredson offers on his website they are truly insightful.  Click on this link right here or go to:

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Level Up Your Leadership – The Elevated Leader

Level Up Your Leadership – The Elevated Leader

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