DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastLife After Covid with Chandra Broadnax
Life After Covid with Chandra Broadnax

Life After Covid with Chandra Broadnax

Update: 2021-01-26


Author and filmmaker. She unmutes Voices that have been quiet for so long.
Book- You Go Girl
Film- A Silent Enemy is a documentary about survivors of domestic violence.

What happens in the homestays in the home. We were taught not to speak about things that may embarrass our families. When we do that, we are perpetuating the cycle and allowing it to continue.

Women who were survivors of domestic violence and abuse were drawn to her because of her book. After so many came to her, she decided to make a documentary about domestic violence.

How do you move from "I can't do anything" to "I must do something"?

1) Take the energy that makes you want to help and transfer it into something that will make a difference for someone. She shared her idea and people started to put her in contact with others who could help her with the project. Then, she asked for funding for the project even at a time that she thought people had no money to help.

2) If you have an idea, go ahead and start working on it because you do not know who is waiting to help you build your dream.

You can find Chandra and connect with her:
Her book is available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.
IG: Chandra B Payne
Facebook: Chandra Broadnax Payne
A silent enemy on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Meet Chandra:

Born in Brooklyn, NY Chandra Broadnax-Payne is an Author & Filmmaker. Her debut book You
Go Girl, 25 Ways to Step into Your Greatness is a self-help book for women. It is a book that
stems from Chandra’s own struggles. In it, she shares her insights and the tools she used to
reclaim her life and step into her greatness.

Her documentary “A Silent Enemy” will premiere in Richmond, VA on October 17, 2020. It is a
a documentary about Domestic Violence in the Black Community & the silence that
perpetuates it.

Several years ago, she made a promise to God to help other women live happier more
fulfilling lives. She does just that with her books and films which encourage others to be the
best versions of themselves, to stop playing small, and to honor themselves.

Just a few years ago Chandra made a very difficult decision to leave Corporate America and
live out her passion. She now shares her inspiring story as a published writer and
filmmaker, empowering women to embrace their inner greatness. Chandra resides in
Richmond VA with her husband. When she’s not writing she enjoys doing Yoga, Pilates,
practicing meditation, and spending time in nature








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Life After Covid with Chandra Broadnax

Life After Covid with Chandra Broadnax

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