Life Lessons with Steve Weatherford and Ed Mylett

Life Lessons with Steve Weatherford and Ed Mylett

Update: 2020-02-242


Steve is well-known for being a football punter for the New York Giants where he won the Super Bowl XLVI. After he left football, he focused his life on business, philanthropy, and his family. In today’s episode, Steve sits down with Ed Mylett, who is one of the most influential business personalities in the history of social media and was ranked top 50 wealthiest under 50. They talk about their lives, accomplishments, struggles, and plans. This is an hour and a half that you definitely want to spend your time on.


“The bad people remind me of what I don’t want to be.”


-       Steve Weatherford


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In This Episode:


- A quick peek into Steve’s life


- Why the key in life is to learn to live blissfully dissatisfied


- The two types of happiness according to Steve


- The difference between being motivational and being inspirational


- What’s in store for Steve in the future


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Johnny Rodriguez

so I have to say I connected with you on a huge level on this pod cast to a point that I have played it 3 times today just to embrace your words and I really feel for this I'm not the biggest goal killer not motivated enough but I have accomplished things I've wanted and still feel like it was nothing it didn't make me feel happy or anything but I have to start learning to be happy about them, also I'm always told how smart, handsome,strong minded and so on by people but I hate hearing it. it dose not make me feel any way compliments in my life feel like nothing to me 💔 but thank you for speaking on this and letting me know I'm not alone and thank you for opening my eyes to what I have to do and how I must open up thank you

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Life Lessons with Steve Weatherford and Ed Mylett

Life Lessons with Steve Weatherford and Ed Mylett