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Life and Death at Work

Life and Death at Work

Update: 2022-10-19


Life and death at work is life and death in life. Yet, all too often the workplace doesn’t address the reality of the human experience. This week’s episode addresses several questions that arise from the circle of life.

Silently Saddened in Oklahoma is saddened by the sudden death of one of her co-workers. Nobody at the company seems to want to talk about or acknowledge it. Is there something that she can do to honor the deceased colleague?

Paying it Forward in Eau Claire wants to donate a kidney to his boss. His colleagues tell him that would make him the biggest suck-up in the world. And beyond that, is this even a good idea?

Stark Stork Choices in Sarasota is expecting a baby! He wants to take his company-sponsored three-month paternity leave. The problem? His boss and his male co-workers are giving him sh*t about his choice. His boss says that this will impact his career trajectory and his bro colleagues are mocking him. What should he do?

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Life and Death at Work

Life and Death at Work

Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis