Life on Mars

Life on Mars

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On this episode we talk about the most intriguing mystery in our solar system and possibly the key to unlocking the knowledge behind our entire civilisation, finding out where the human race comes from and discovering whether or not we are alone in the universe; we're talking about Life on Mars.

Humans discovered Mars more than 3000 years ago but it still seems to be at the forefront of our conversation today despite knowing little more than we did back then. Elon and NASA are working to get as much information as possible back to us; but there seems to be something they are all hiding.

Evidence of water on Mars can be seen in the canals and the polar ice caps and the giant, seemingly humanoid stone monoliths are a testament to some sort of intelligence. Matching up the pyramids of Mars with those on Earth in Egypt and possibly even under the ice in Antartica, means that maybe life there isn't so different from what we have here.

Emmet Quinn joins me solo for this one and its a whopper! @emequaliser on Twitter and @emmetquinn on Instagram if you want to follow Emmet and tell him how much you love his dulcet tones.


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I really dislike sleeping in the quiet.. This podcast is a good one if you set it to a low volume setting and just want to hear people talk for 4+ hours lol. Thanks guys - I don't always agree to it all but hey, the world spins. :)

Apr 10th
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Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Gordon Rochford