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Lighthearted Fun With BAD JUJU

Lighthearted Fun With BAD JUJU

Update: 2021-11-10


After tackling more serious subject matter on their previous single In The Clouds, Melbourne based alternate rock outfit Bad Juju return with a more light hearted and fun look at the darker side of life with new single American Halloween.
Still a song with a message, American Halloween breaks tradition for the band in being more of a broader take on music and lyrics than the personal nature of previous material, with vocalist Russell Holland sitting down with HEAVY to discuss the new track.
"Its been really positive so far,” he enthused of the early reception for American Halloween. “I think people are enjoying Halloween a bit more in Australia now and people have been getting around it for that. It's a bit of a fun song."
Although veering slightly from the usual lyrical approach to music, Bad Juju have maintained their tested sound, with subtle experimentation shining through in parts.
“We were going for a real grunge feel on this one,” Holland said, “really channeling a lot of 90s Smashing Pumpkins mixed with a bit of Silverchair and modern emo tones as well. We tried to get a bit of aggression in there as well."
In the full interview, Russell talks more about the meaning behind the song, how it differs musically to In The Clouds, the DIY video clip and how it came together, future music, the early days of the band, their upcoming show in Melbourne on December 18 and more.








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Lighthearted Fun With BAD JUJU

Lighthearted Fun With BAD JUJU

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