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Limiting Beliefs w/ Allegra Stein

Limiting Beliefs w/ Allegra Stein

Update: 2019-09-27


On our first-ever in-person interview, this Fierce Love Friday is taking an interview-style approach with life-coach Allegra Stein. Allegra is all about finding your strengths, challenging your own limiting beliefs, and helping her clients achieve the things they dream of.

Strong Sense Of Self-Awareness

Allegra wants to help you define the shape that you hold in this life and put language around your strengths and how they can benefit your tribe. Through a strong sense of self-awareness and understanding what is driving the core messages you tell yourself, you can create a new chapter in your life that you are in love with. 

With the help of the YouMap, Allegra can guide you through the career, relationship and other goals that you have to find eternal happiness and own your own power. If you are searching for some guidance around your strengths, weakness, and how to be the best version of you possible, this episode is for you.

How do you work to own your strengths and stop the negative self-talk? Share with us in the comments on the episode page.


On Today's Episode

  • The importance of discovering your YouMap to find internal empowerment (17:20)
  • Taking the information you know about yourself and applying it to become better (22:40)
  • Why being an expert in something doesn't always equal more value (31:20)
  • Reasons why you need to figure out your ‘why’ and reflect on your own strengths (39:40)
  • How to become the museum curator of your own life and happiness (44:20)



“I’m in this tent, and I am here to help a person who is on a journey, who wants to make something happen, who wants to bring something to life, who has a big idea, who is embarking on something new or unknown, I love that space.” (16:58)

“I do believe that all of your interests, all of the things that you curate, are circling a star. And there is a core to what it is that you want to share and teach, there is a center.” (32:19)

“That in it of itself is transformative for someone, and it doesn't come naturally to a lot of people.” (40:32)

“What if you could create the things you want to create, not only in the service you create for your community and your people but also feeling aligned with your work, also creating abundance? All these things that are compelling to you, but in a way that aligns with your natural way of showing up.” (44:09)


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Limiting Beliefs w/ Allegra Stein

Limiting Beliefs w/ Allegra Stein

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