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LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Owners

Update: 2020-08-311


Do you currently use LinkedIn as a part of your business's social media strategy? If not, then you are missing a vital piece of your arsenal. From its group pages to its online business profiles, LinkedIn provides you with a variety of tools that will enable you to build a following andconnect with other like-minded professionals in your industry. In this episode, Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks along with special guest Jon Lombardo discuss how small business owners can fully utilize all the tools that LinkedIn has to offer.

Executive Summary

0:49 —Today's Topic: How Do I Use LinkedIn to Promote or Build My Small Business?

1:39 —LinkedIn's mission is to create economic opportunities for everybody in the global workforce by providing them with a platform to hire, market, sell and learn.

4:40 —To make your LinkedIn profile stand out, you should include a professional headshot of yourself and a concise summary that outlines your specific goals on the platform. You also need to complete all the required fields and information.

10:04 —LinkedIn enables small business owners to conduct their hiring process on a larger scale, while also offering them the tools to help them focus on their specific needs.

12:18 —In addition to promoting its services, your LinkedIn business page should give potential employees a clear idea of your company's culture and values.

15:30 —Although other platforms allow you to reach a wider audience, LinkedIn allows you to target the individuals in your specific client base.

18:08 —LinkedIn not only allows you to accurately measure your long term brand building success through net reach and share of voice, but it can also help you assess the profitability of your short term sales activation through lifetime customer value.

24:08 —While programmatic ads are inexpensive, they aren't particularly effective. LinkedIn is one of the most trustworthy platforms that allows you to connect directly and securely with the professionals who can help your business.

27:47 —When it comes to networking on LinkedIn, you need to keep your reach as broad as possible.


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Jon A.: Hello, thank you again for tuning into The Small Biz Ahead podcast. This is Jon Aidunkonis with The Hartford. Today, I'm joined by my cohost, Gene Marks and also John Lombardo from LinkedIn. How's everybody doing today?

John L.: Doing very well. Good to be here

Gene: This is Gene and I'm doing well. I was excited to talk with John today.

Jon A.: Yeah, it's a platform we don't talk often about on the podcast. I feel like when we talk about social, we often end up in kind of the retail space a lot about Instagram, Facebook. So maybe just to start out, we can get a little bit, John, about your role at the company and kind of your thoughts on how small business owners can use LinkedIn to build and promote their businesses.

John L.: Yeah. Good to be here, as I mentioned earlier. I'm a local, I'm from Windsor, Connecticut. We're in Hartford, Connecticut, so it's good to come home. I work at LinkedIn, been there about seven years now. I currently work in a group called the B2B Institute and we do a lot of research into marketing effectiveness. We work with a lot of researchers and academics to figure out what really works in marketing,
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LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Owners

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