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Lisa Launched A Children's Show During A Pandemic

Lisa Launched A Children's Show During A Pandemic

Update: 2021-09-16

Description Lisa Caprelli is a speaker, songwriter and an award-winning author of the unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz. ™ She is an author of 17 books, and has produced music videos for kids. Lisa is the producer and director of Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do –

Seasons 2 is live as of August 24, 2021, a family show on Amazon TV. Lisa was inspired by Sesame Street and with her kids multi-media brand of Unicorn Jazz - kids can send in their own video content, music and talent to be part of the show!

The Thing I Do show was created at the onset of the pandemic to share happiness for children and educators. Her 25+ years in marketing and branding over 150 CEO’s led to her changing her life in 2018 to create a children’s brand, Unicorn Jazz. Unicorn Jazz in the first book, is a shy unicorn who moves to a new land in search of new friends. She feels like she does not belong, or that no one understands her, until she meets a new friend, Woof the Crow. The book series offers social emotional learning components (empathy, kindness, love, belonging, believing in others, feelings and more). Lisa has been featured in FORBES magazine, ABC News, CBS news, USA today newspapers, and more media and news outlets.

When students ask about why Lisa is passionate about writing, she will say, “I grew up shy and introverted. My only voice was on paper.” With that said, this Latina author has created a world-class brand around a unicorn named Unicorn Jazz, with animal friends and ocean animal characters.

At the onset of the pandemic, Lisa knew she had to do something outside the box to continue creating and developing her characters for children. She relied on her public relations and broadcast radio experience and years of producing shows for FM and AM stations. A year later, she has launched Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do that is on Amazon TV/Prime with a full season launching summer 2021!

She grew up with humble beginnings in the sun city of El Paso, Texas. She is proud of her Latin roots and culture. She always wanted to live near the ocean and today lives in Huntington Beach, California. She has made Orange County, California her home for the past 20 years. Lisa has experience presenting to elementary, middle and high school students and has taught at Long Beach State, California.








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Lisa Launched A Children's Show During A Pandemic

Lisa Launched A Children's Show During A Pandemic

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