DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastLisa Stelly - Turning a Sprinkle Hobby into an Edible Art Empire (#266)
Lisa Stelly - Turning a Sprinkle Hobby into an Edible Art Empire (#266)

Lisa Stelly - Turning a Sprinkle Hobby into an Edible Art Empire (#266)

Update: 2022-04-18


Lisa Stelly, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fancy Sprinkles - the woman-owned and woman-run confectionary sprinkle company that launched in 2016 on a mission to reimagine the edible arts industry from mundane and basic to sexy and cool.

 As a mother of 3 girls, an entrepreneur, reiki healer, and lifestyle personality, Lisa has given life to sprinkles that no one (even herself) could have ever imagined. Her fun, colorful, edgy and cool persona emulates throughout each of the brand’s one-of-a-kind products that help consumers unlock their creative potential. What started in 2016 as a hobby to help Lisa with her postpartum anxiety and depression after giving birth to her second daughter, has turned into an innovative and quickly growing company wherein just two months, Fancy Sprinkles made the amount of money Lisa had projected for the entire first year. Since then, the company has grown 100% YOY.

 Beyond founding and running the business, Lisa also serves as Chief Creative Officer where she is deeply involved in ideating,curating and naming the products - from “peachy kween” to “purple pony party” every sprinkle blend Stelly thoughtfully creates, she also artistically directs photo shoots and branding for:

  • From Babies To Business - Lisa Stelly went from single mom of 3 to Sprinkle Queen after launching and running Fancy Sprinkles. Learn how Lisa balances it all, while keeping life fun and spicy. Added bonus: Llsa can share how she got her kids to eat broccoli (*hint pour some sprinkles on that sh**t!).
  • It’s All About Aesthetics - As a trendsetter in all things pretty, edible and drinkable, Lisa has a different take on traditional sprinkles than most - flavorless, mushy and not “aesthetically relevant”. Chat with Lisa about her creative take on the sprinkle industry and how  she has mastered and capitalized on ‘Instagram-ability’, all while tackling a whitespace in the industry.
  • Celebrating With Sprinkles - From curated gift sets to baking essentials, Fancy Sprinkles has something for everyone, including the all-star home baker and the mom with a spare 15-minutes to prepare. Get Lisa’s tips on celebrating all kinds of occasions - from birthday parties, school bake sales, ladies’ nights, and of course, holiday entertaining.
  • CEO Of Everything - From being a single mother of three, to the founder of Fancy Sprinkles and so much more - Lisa Stelly has learned over years of being workaholic that she is able to give others more when she gives to herself. Whether that means morning meditation or reading her oracle cards while her daughters have breakfast, chat with Lisa about how she makes time for her spiritual awareness in the midst of it all. 

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Lisa Stelly - Turning a Sprinkle Hobby into an Edible Art Empire (#266)

Lisa Stelly - Turning a Sprinkle Hobby into an Edible Art Empire (#266)