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Listening To Your Body's Needs w/ Michelle Shapiro

Listening To Your Body's Needs w/ Michelle Shapiro

Update: 2020-05-052


Do you struggle with navigating the middle ground between functional nutrition and the anti-diet movement? Michelle Shapiro is a registered dietitian who is on a mission to support the common good by helping others understand a blended approach to food and your body. Never afraid to get into a debate, Michelle has devoted her life to a safe way for people to apply the incredible principles of functional healing to the paradigm of body neutral loving and ethical body treatment.

Rejecting The Body Notions That Don't Stick With You

If you are struggling to understand the polar ends of the spectrum and are searching for answers when it comes to approaching intuitive eating for your specific life experiences, Michelle is here to open up the conversation. By not being afraid to challenge people or put herself in an uncomfortable position, Michelle is accomplishing her mission one skeptic at a time. 

Michelle wants you to tolerate the discomfort that you feel and sit with yourself to better understand what your body needs. By questioning everyone except for yourself, you can check in with yourself deeply and honestly to find the possibility of miraculous healing. There is always something that you can do to make yourself feel better, and Michelle is here to provide you with a message of hope and healing during these difficult times. On a mission to help others be seen, remove judgment, and embracing health changes, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. 

Are you ready to start rejecting the body notions that don’t stick with you and embracing the ones that do? Share where you sit on the spectrum with us in the comments section of the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learn the benefits of gravitating towards a blended approach of understanding (9:35 )
  • Discover what you should be tuning your awareness into and away from (14:14 )
  • Why you should approach intuitive eating from your specific life experiences (19:25 )
  • How to listen and tune into your body from a middle ground of functional nutrition (24:20 )
  • Why you should listen to your gut when selecting a healthcare professional (25:33 )



“If I feel like something threatens people, whether it be diet culture, whether it be something like big pharma, I am very willing and eager to put myself in an awkward position if there is even a potential that someone else might feel seen or heard.” (8:27 )

“When you’re handing someone sort of restrictive plan, you need to be extremely highly sensitive to the person you are working with to understand what they might have gone through to get to that point.” (18:08 )

“I actually affect change by talking to people who would be the most anti-whatever I am talking about at the highest level, and who might have more influence too.” (21:15 )

“Anyone can do what we do, you really can learn to do what we do. Sure we are special in some ways, but I’m not more exemplary than any other person applying the same principles that I use. Anyone can do what we do.” (26:36 )

“Check in with yourself so deeply and so honestly, without judgment, without ego, without anything, and just really get to know where you are at. And in doing that you will know if you need additional help or if you are the help that you need.” (32:45 )



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Listening To Your Body's Needs w/ Michelle Shapiro

Listening To Your Body's Needs w/ Michelle Shapiro

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