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Little Girls Lost & Roll On

Little Girls Lost & Roll On

Update: 2019-08-101


Today on Bad In The Boondocks we discuss the tragic case of Rachel Isser and Deanna Jackman and their deranged killer, Manuel Trinidad Cortez.  We also go over a case of a man getting drunk and, out of rage, shoots an innocent trucker.  Thank you so much for listening to Bad In The Boondocks.  We really do appreciate it.  Make sure you check out our Twitter and Instagram and just look up Bad In The Boondocks, and follow us. Also, please go to and sign up to support us.  We do always say it is not free for us to put out great content to you guys.  We have three tiers, each with different perks, so make sure you keep us ad free and support us. Finally, PLEASE GO TO WHATEVER PLATFORM YOU LISTEN TO US ON AND RATE US AND TAKE A MOMENT TO LEAVE A QUICK REVIEW...THIS IS SO VERY IMPORTANT!  We have a special promo on today's show from Matt Johnson, and his podcast is True Crime Deadline so go check his great podcast out as well.  Thanks so much for listening to us.  Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for the next episode from Bad In The Boondocks!!!!!

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Curtis Massey

"Martin's load was too heavy for him to gain on the small pickup truck". "Well why didn't he just go use the bathroom?" LOL!

Aug 10th
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Little Girls Lost & Roll On

Little Girls Lost & Roll On

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