DiscoverThe Mile 99 InterviewLive At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin
Live At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin

Live At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin

Update: 2023-01-28


Welcome to a new series from The Mile 99 Interview called “Live at the Bar”. At the Bar, you say?  Well, not the kind of bar you are thinking but the kind trail runners, hikers, and all the rest of us outdoorsy folks think of. Yes! RIVER GRAVEL BARS!

We plan to explore all the beautiful bends, twists, and turns of the American River and couple that with a trail run and interview. Cool, huh? We are starting out this new series interviewing our very own Greg Larkin. Join us as we run down from the American River Overlook all the way down to Oregon Bar.

A river bar is defined as a ridge-like accumulation of alluvium (such as sand or gravel) in the river channel, along the banks, or at the mouth of a river. The locations of bars are determined by the geometry of the river and the flow through it. During the California Gold Rush, the gravel bars of the American River were extensively mined, stream courses altered, and entire mountain sides washed away. The calm and peaceful places we love today were once loud, busy, and dangerous places full of rough and tough men looking to strike it rich.

Oregon Bar is nestled on the North Fork of the American River, just downstream of the Auburn Dam excavation scars at China Bar near Auburn, California and just over 5 river miles downstream of the confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River. Many of us know this wide spot in the river as about where the American River ends and Folsom Lake begins. Pioneer Express Trail heads downstream along the west bank of the river and the loud raging rapids of Oregon Bar quiet down as the water slows. Join us for a run as we go Live at the Bar!!!

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Live At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin

Live At The Bar - Oregon Bar with Greg Larkin

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