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Living a Fuller Life with Michelle Fuller - Episode #1

Living a Fuller Life with Michelle Fuller - Episode #1

Update: 2019-06-03


A chance encounter brought me a new friend. Only moments later we are laughing with each other as old friends do, sharing a special moment. I’ve known her for five minutes and a thousand years.
I didn’t ask why she has a dressing over her right eye or is it her left? It doesn’t matter - I barely notice. What I see in my new-found old friendship is a force of strength. Positive, exciting, adventurous. Above all, a love for life that is taken with a fierce need to experience all there is….before time takes away her choice. Shouldn’t we all live with such bravery? We too will walk this path in time.
Through her energy, I am reminded to slow my life down. I am reminded of what is important. Do I always do that? Not a chance. I am caught up in being human. At times I take what I have for granted. I work too much, I judge others, I worry about things that aren’t worrying things. That’s when luck happens to walk by me and I receive a teaching moment. I am fully aware our lives are different by circumstance alone. It’s not lost on me that perhaps her worries overshadow mine. Someone has joined me on my journey to teach. Lessons learned. To fight with grace, honesty, bravery, humour and love.
Her stories of hiking, skiing, travel and love; always told with a smile and an energy that I dig for often. Never does she complain of the struggle she must endure daily.
She has shared her journey with us through her book “A Fuller Life”. It is the story of a loving spirited woman whose battle comes with a smile and much love. I am grateful to call her my friend.

In this episode:
1 - How an act of service in childhood unexpectedly came full circle (Introduction).
2 - The importance of being relentless when advocating for your own health (2:11 ).
3 - Facing the unknown, adjusting to a new normal, and finding hope again (5:00 ).
4 - An unexpected surprise found in the pursuit of pain management (10:00 ).
5 - Thirteen years later… the key to persevering when the unthinkable happens (14:00 ).
6 - The powerful benefits of sharing your story (18:00 ).
7 - Moving through the fear and choosing to live life with purpose, passion, and gusto (23:00 ).
8 - The impact of paying it forward (27:30 ).
9 - Final thoughts on the importance of perspective (30:09 ).

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Living a Fuller Life with Michelle Fuller - Episode #1

Living a Fuller Life with Michelle Fuller - Episode #1

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