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Looking Great and Having Fun Online with Stacey Hanke

Looking Great and Having Fun Online with Stacey Hanke

Update: 2021-04-11


How to's for having fun by increasing your listeners interaction and engagement.

What steps can we take to make sure the best of us show's up?

What technology/equipment do you recommend to make sure you look great on camera?

What are the mistakes you continue to see individuals make communicating virtually?

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Stacey Hanke, Inc. exists to equip leaders within organizations to communicate with confidence, presence and authenticity, day in and day out. Combined, our team of mentors and consultants has more than 100 years of training experience. We’ve worked with executives, managers, technicians and sales leaders across the United States and on four different continents. Our individual backgrounds are as diverse as news and entertainment, sales and marketing, recruitment, diversity and inclusion, organizational development and investor relations.

Several of Stacey’s team members are keynote speakers. Mentoring works best one-on-one, while workshops typically involve two members of the Stacey Hanke team to allow for the greatest degree of personal contact. Whatever your solution, the goal is always the same: Not to change you, but to help you confidently and consistently express your true self, Monday to Monday.®

Learn more with Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

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As a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 20,000 rejuvenation treatments performed on thousands of patients. I offer guidance through education on skin, rejuvenation practices/treatments, and achieving overall wellness in the areas of spirit, mind, body and beauty.

I would love to hear from YOU!

Rachel Varga, BScN, RN, CANS


DISCLAIMER: Information in this podcast and interview is not to be taken as medical advice, and always consult with your Physician before making any lifestyle changes. The material shared by guests in this podcast is not the opinion of Rachel Varga, and disclaims any responsibility of inaccurate credentials of guests or information used that may cause harm. Always consult with your licensed Physician before any lifestyle modifications.

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Looking Great and Having Fun Online with Stacey Hanke

Looking Great and Having Fun Online with Stacey Hanke