DiscoverRise From The AshesLori Darley's Artful Approach to Executive Empowerment
Lori Darley's Artful Approach to Executive Empowerment

Lori Darley's Artful Approach to Executive Empowerment

Update: 2024-02-23


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Picture the poise and passion of a professional dancer, now visualize that same grace and determination in the world of leadership coaching. That's the story of Lori Darley, CEO of Conscious Leaders, who joins us to share her extraordinary transition and how it's revolutionizing the leadership landscape. Lori melds her artistic sensibilities with robust coaching techniques to guide leaders towards professional triumph and whole life success. Her belief in harnessing the body's inherent wisdom, coupled with managing our internal dialogue, serves as a cornerstone for anyone striving for personal and career advancement. As we navigate the complexities of union environments and the ongoing process of conscious awareness, Lori's dual expertise in the arts and corporate spheres offers a rare, enlightening perspective.

Within the woven tapestry of our discussion, resilience and leadership emerge as paramount themes. We're reminded that happiness ensues not from happenstance but from asserting our power and cultivating inner security. The candid narrative of Candace Williams, facing adversity head-on during her pregnancy, becomes a powerful testament to this truth. With the guidance of my mentor Peter Sias, I came to a profound understanding of psychological resilience and the vitality of self-awareness. We share five potent tips to bolster resilience and bravery, underscoring community significance and purposeful work's impact. Concluding our episode is a glimpse into the Conscious Leader Circle, a testament to the transformative journey leaders can embark upon when surrounded by a supportive network that nurtures wisdom and leadership capacities.

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Friends, our time together is coming to a close. Before we part ways, I sincerely thank you for joining me on this thought-provoking journey. I aim to provide perspectives and insights that spark self-reflection and positive change.

If any concepts we explored resonated with you, I kindly request that you share this episode with someone who may benefit from its message. And please, reach out anytime - I’m always eager to hear your biggest aspirations, pressing struggles, and lessons learned.

My door is open at my Denver office and digitally via my website. If you want to go deeper and transform confusion into clarity on your quest for purpose, visit and schedule a coaching session.

This is Baz Porter signing off with immense gratitude. Stay bold, stay faithful, and know that you always have an empathetic ear and wise mind in your corner. Until next time!

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Lori Darley's Artful Approach to Executive Empowerment

Lori Darley's Artful Approach to Executive Empowerment

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