DiscoverPeople Who Perform - The Real Estate Careers PodcastLorna Park - ‘Creating a little magic everyday’
Lorna Park - ‘Creating a little magic everyday’

Lorna Park - ‘Creating a little magic everyday’

Update: 2022-07-27


Richard Costello connects with Lorna Park.


Lorna is the Senior Vice President, Property Management at Warrington PCI Management (WMP) in Vancouver, responsible for overseeing a portfolio of over 17 million square feet of office, retail, industrial, residential, and strata properties throughout Western Canada.

During Lorna’s thirty years in property management she has covered all asset types but is probably best known for her work in the retail sector.  In recent years, Lorna worked in Asia where she played a key role in the development of management and operating procedures for mixed use projects in China, South Korea and Macau. Lorna holds her Certified Shopping Centre Manager designation from the International Council of Shopping Centres.

In this episode we discuss the following: 

  • How Lorna got her start in the industry.
  • What makes the retail sector stand out above other classes.
  • Looking back on Lorna’s time working in Asia.
  • More about WPM’s business and culture as well as reasons for success.
  • What makes the difference between a ‘good’ vs a ‘great’ Property Manager.
  • What Lorna looks for when hiring for her team.
  • Lessons and advice for anyone looking to advance their careers in the industry.
  • Things Lorna does outside of work that help her perform better in it.
  • What excites Lorna about the future.








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Lorna Park - ‘Creating a little magic everyday’

Lorna Park - ‘Creating a little magic everyday’

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