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Losing Relatives to Fox News

Losing Relatives to Fox News

Update: 2020-12-0723


Mike tells Sarah what makes older Americans more vulnerable to misinformation — and who is delivering it to them. Digressions include "Supernatural," the Rachel and a fake university in Pennsylvania. We recorded this episode before the election but tried not to make it too obvious.

Here's the article Mike wrote with all the research he did for this episode:

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Millie Holliday

Do you really think that internet algorithms are intentionally designed to radicalize people rather than intentionally designed to connect people to things that the algorithm "thinks" they'll be interested? Couldn't it be that depending on what people look up, their location, what they click on, blah blah blah, until the algorithm just puts the user in this rabbit hole that they don't know is there? I'm not defending Zuckerberg at all - I think it's aweful that he's profiting from radicalization efforts supported by his company. But isn't the "true crime (lol)" of it all based off of algorithms having a negative externality that companies are ignoring and allowing to go rampant? (I'm not trying to challenge you on this, I really just want to know your opinion because I've been curious about this for a while)

Dec 14th
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Losing Relatives to Fox News

Losing Relatives to Fox News