DiscoverMultifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome MyersLosing Thousands in Due Diligence - Mauricio Roque
Losing Thousands in Due Diligence - Mauricio Roque

Losing Thousands in Due Diligence - Mauricio Roque

Update: 2021-10-26


Facing unsuccessful deals and going through lots of issues dealing with losses along the way inexorably brings doubts not only to yourself, but also to the partners. In reality, these scenarios are part of the cycle of a business and it is just the matter of how you position yourself despite these challenges. In today’s episode, Mauricio Roque reveals his stories of missteps especially in his first deals with both controllable and uncontrollable factors, how he managed to pivot and rise through it all, the legalities and the implications of practicing due diligence, and the tactical steps to take you might consider for your next RPA.

[00:01 - 04:05 ] Opening Segment 

  • I welcome today’s guest, Mauricio Roque
  • From selling residential real estate then to owning massive multifamily properties

[04:06 - 13:03 ] The Caveat to Letting Fear Take Over

  • Mauricio shares his first unsuccessful multifamily deal
  • The disadvantage of letting fear run the course
  • Repercussions in changing your mind during negotiation
  • Recognizing unreliability of brokers

[13:04 - 19:56 ] The Recipe for Success in Real Estate Partnerships

  • The fear of losing partners and potential investors
  • Displaying openness in communication
  • Not giving up despite of tough challenges
  • Practicing due diligence and tweaking the RPA

[19:57 - 21:10 ] Closing Segment

  • Persist and get to the finish line
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“When I started looking at multifamily, all I heard was these perfect stories. And when I started doing all the work myself, then I started hitting walls.” - Mauricio Roque

“You see all these people closing deals and I'm not closing anything. But what happened was people actually started approaching a little more and they appreciated the fact that I was putting their interest… and that they saw or they felt that I was taking care of their hard earned money. I think they appreciated it and they stuck with me.” - Mauricio Roque

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Losing Thousands in Due Diligence - Mauricio Roque

Losing Thousands in Due Diligence - Mauricio Roque

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