DiscoverThe Silent WhyLoss 38/101: Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson
Loss 38/101: Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson

Loss 38/101: Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson

Update: 2022-12-06


#057. Imagine what it might be like to lose everything around you - husband, house, car, money, financial security, and even your trust in people. Now imagine what that would be like if it was all because you met and fell in love with a psychopath.   

This is The Silent Why, a podcast on a mission to open up conversations around loss and grief and to see if hope can be found in 101 different types of loss.

Loss #38 of 101 - Loss of a reality

Meet Mary Turner Thomson, from Scotland, who has an incredible story about the loss of her whole reality when her world - as she knew it - fell apart in 2006.

Mary met Will through internet dating, got married and had children, but six years later she had a phone call from another woman that shattered everything Mary thought she knew about her life. The man Mary had married turned out to be a serial bigamist, con man, convicted sex offender and a psychopath (by the true definition of the word).

In this episode Mary talks openly about her experience of multiple losses including the devastating loss of her wonderfully supportive mum to cancer, just months after it all happened.

Mary has used her experience to help many other women in similar situations and wrote an amazing book telling the full story (The Bigamist - Her experience has since led her to study and write about psychopaths, which added a fascinating layer to our chat and prompted her second book (The Psychopath -

In our fascinating chat Mary talks about what it’s like to process so many losses in one go, her desire to help others and not be a victim, the difficult loss of her mum which still affects her greatly, what the term ‘psychopath’ really means and why she doesn’t vilify the man who conned her.

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Loss 38/101: Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson

Loss 38/101: Loss of a reality: Mary Turner Thomson

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