Love Is the Way!

Love Is the Way!

Update: 2020-04-24


Feeling the stress of COVID-19 and ready for this era of spacial distancing to end? Tune into Aging GreatFULLy this Friday as we share how "Love Is The Way" to beating the Coronablues!
Welcoming guest Erica Goodstone, you'll discover how to not let fear and stress get the best of you and how the current situation offers moments of transformation, growth and even self care. In a time when frustrations are high, you'll learn how to engage the energy of love to overcome the challenges and positively prevail! Our world has changed drastically, and many were not prepared for this windstorm of change. From a rise in divorce rates, relationship challenges of too much together time, financial worries and even fear, we'll bring you the silver lining to the dark cloud in this transformational episode!
Aging GreatFULLy host, Holley Kelley has been invited to be a featured speaker on The Science and Poetry of Love Online Speaker Series hosted by Dr. Erica!! In this episode, you'll receive an invitation to join her and Dr. Erica, alongside 30 other top professionals (sexologists, psychotherapists, love coaches, life success trainers and thought leaders) from around the globe as they offer insight into research revelations and poetry induced feelings about love beginning on May 4, 2020. This is a feel-good, uplifting series full of information you'll enjoy! You can reserve your virtual summit seat here now:
To learn more about Dr. Erica Goodstone, visit her at








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Love Is the Way!

Love Is the Way!

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