Love and Endurance

Love and Endurance

Update: 2022-11-03


Anyone who’s truly living their vocation, religious, single, and married people, know both love and endurance. And there’s something about sisters who tend to move toward service. In big and little ways, we keep on keeping on. We align ourselves with discomfort and lean into uncertainty and sometimes even run toward danger. In all that we run to and embrace, endure and uplift, we do it for love of people and love of God.

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At God Space, you can come as you are. You belong here. God Space is a ministry of the Sisters of Divine Providence of Kentucky. 

For reflection:

  • How have endurance and love been a part of your life and faith?

  • Have you ever felt that God was calling you to do something difficult or uncomfortable? How did you discern that call? How did you respond? How was God with you?

  • Who do you look to as a model of faith? What about them inspires you?

  • Do you have a sense of God’s call for you? Have you ever thought about religious life? If so, we're here to help! Email Sister Leslie at and let's just talk. 

  • What do you need from God to persevere in life and faith? Maybe take a few moments to talk with God about this or about whatever’s in your heart or on your mind.

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Love and Endurance

Love and Endurance

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