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Lunatic Fringe with Bert Navarrete

Lunatic Fringe with Bert Navarrete

Update: 2022-04-10


Back before the hanger. Back before the smiley face that greeted every jumper and spectator. Back before The Tiki Bar, the swoop pond, the back deck or the Maxi Pad in the ghetto, there was a little dropzone in the middle of nowhere New Jersey called CrossKeys started by a guy named John. As far as CK people go, Bert Navarrete and just a handful of others are about as OG as you can get. Having been there for everything from Johny 9-Lives street skiing up the runway dragged behind a car, to the "Peanut Butter" incident, to the "unofficial" world record tandem day, to Monkey Claw Freefly antics and literally countless other wonderfully crazy, exciting, over the top and sometimes tragic events, Bert was either deep in the mix, or at least witness to it all. Taking time away from his "real life" in finance, he sits down in the studio to share just a small handful of the stories that epitomize exactly why we are the Lunatic Fringe, and why he is truly a lifelong member.

There also happens to be In attendance a bit of a mystery man who refuses to acknowledge the microphone will not .speak, and demands to remain Anonymous. We’ve dubbed him The Quiet Guy” during the podcast, 

We have decided the first five people that can correctly identify this mystery man who will not speak gets a free signed copy of the new Lunatic Fringe Book sent straight to their home!  So after listening to the podcast if you think you know who quiet guy is, just send us your guess to the Lunatic Fringe Podcast page on Facebook. And score a really fun read!









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Lunatic Fringe with Bert Navarrete

Lunatic Fringe with Bert Navarrete

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