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Lunatic Fringe with Jenna Gygi

Lunatic Fringe with Jenna Gygi

Update: 2023-04-23


She hadn't even known it was a thing. It all came about from just a casual invitation to go make a skydive one evening. Less than two weeks after that fateful jump, Jenna Gygi had signed up for her AFF course, setting her on a completey different path than the professional one she had been on; and perhaps it was because she was coming from a professional world that she aimed herself toward earning her tandem rating, knowing that if you intended to earn a living in this sport it was the best path. But it was wingsuit flying that was her true passion, and one that led her to discover a better way for her, that of a professional coach. It was her extensive time in the then very new cutting edge wingsuit tunnel that finally convinced Jenna to take her hard earned skills to the mountains where she knew she belonged. Now, hundreds of BASE jumps in and having become one of the most prominent wingsuit BASE jumpers out there, Jenna takes the time to share her experiences and lessons learned both in the sky and mountains as well as with her family at home and family in our community . It's these experiences as well as what's to come that solidifies her place deep within the Lunatic Fringe.









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Lunatic Fringe with Jenna Gygi

Lunatic Fringe with Jenna Gygi

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