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MAGGIE ALLEY Shares The Love With Live EP

MAGGIE ALLEY Shares The Love With Live EP

Update: 2021-10-09


Playing gigs in the current climate is hard enough, but to be able to record a live show and spontaneously release it as a live album is pretty much the stuff of dreams.
Well, dreams can come true, as proven by Melbourne heavy punk/rock/blues artist Maggie Alley who not only got to play live at the Brunswick Ballroom during a brief break in lockdowns, but also got the opportunity to record and release the set live in the form of Maggie Alley Live At The Brunswick Ballroom.
Alley caught up with HEAVY to discuss the release, with one of the topics for discussion the point of whether or not she though people would appreciate being able to listen to a live album recorded during COVID or whether it might seem like a slight slap in the face for those who can’t watch or play live themselves.
“"Yeah, yeah, I did think of that,” Alley admitted. “To be honest people's reactions are the complete opposite. People are like oh my God, thank God we've got this live recording because we can't go out to gigs, so people are listening to it more to get a taste of what that life was like. It did cross my mind a little bit, as in I could be rubbing something in their faces to release something live, but I've got a lot of people really happy that its being released and that they can listen to a live recording. Especially for people who wanted to come to that gig that couldn't."
In the full interview Maggie talks about the spontaneous decision to release the album, the early reception, her upcoming single which is a cover of Pissing In The River by Patti Smith, premiering four new tracks on the live album, future plans and more.








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MAGGIE ALLEY Shares The Love With Live EP

MAGGIE ALLEY Shares The Love With Live EP

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