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MISSING: Alicia Navarro

MISSING: Alicia Navarro

Update: 2021-07-2692


A teenage girl finds community online, but her family believes she also found something much more sinister.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Alicia Navarro, please call the Glendale Police Department at (623) 930-3000.

You can go to to make a tax-deductible donation or you can buy something from their clothing line at with all of the profits going directly to the organization.

El episodio de esta semana trata de una joven desaparecida. Actualmente la policía cree que ella pueda estar en México como víctima de la trata de personas. Es por eso que por primera vez estaremos lanzando este episodio tanto en inglés como en español. La versión en español será presentada por Melanie y Emmanuel. Esperamos que, con esta nueva versión, la historia de Alicia llegue a más personas y la puedan ayudar a que esta joven regrese a su hogar sana y salva junto a su familia. Si deseas escuchar la versión en inglés, ya está disponible para el público.

Source materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit

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Comments (16)

Aynaz Moghanlou

too many adds

Aug 13th



Aug 1st

Kerry C.

Big yikes on that tone deaf stab at defund the police. Did yall really edit that and decide "yeah this should stay"?

Jul 31st

Stephanie Womack

OMG. I feel this so bad. All of it. I hope this kiddo is found safe. I can't even believe digital info on all her stuff cant be retrieved.

Jul 30th

Alexa Nebula

I'm dumbfounded that they haven't been able to get any info from her pc, or the logs from all the companies she has accounts with. You would be amazed the kind of stuff stored away in servers from a decade ago. If the cops can find the bread crumb trail that took down silkroad, then Alicia must have left loafs of data for them to find. She left her pc behind after all. The fbi should be involved, anything that involves cyber predators should get the fbi involved. Also, this guy clearly does not understand what the point of the 'defund the police' slogan is about. More funding would not help this case get solved. You think they're going to invest the new money in a cyber crimes or investigative division? Why would they, the fbi has that already. Anyway, I hope Alicia is found. Ffs, it's been 2 years... If she is alive, I can't imagine what she's been through. It's just fucking awful.

Jul 27th

Carrie Tucker

Defend the police is a problem???? So much bs!

Jul 27th
Reply (6)


as someone who's been in and knows the az state, and all of the above locations mentioned, it's so easy for somebody to simply groom a kid, then get them to meet up somewhere where nobody would even bat an eye. all of these people and organizations that have power to traffic children are just as smart towards law enforcement and their tactics in order to prevent them, and they use technology to further hide themselves from these very methods. the spanish episode was super helpful, it's so much easier to spread around, getting word out. i hope that jessica can find her daughter soon, from the bottom of my heart.

Jul 26th

Tiffany Hollis Jones

I was almost convinced this was a reupload. nope just got you guys confused with kendall Rae. I may be listening to to much true crime.

Jul 26th
Reply (2)
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MISSING: Alicia Navarro

MISSING: Alicia Navarro