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MISSING: Brandy Hall

MISSING: Brandy Hall

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In 2006 Brandy Hall vanished after leaving her post at the volunteer fire station early. It would take many years, 3 clues found in three different bodies of water and a lost tip, before anyone would have an idea of what might have happened to her that night.

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Brandi Hall

Not gonna lie, my heart stopped for a second when I saw the name, and it's crazy hearing Ashley say my name!!

May 28th
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B Floyd

love the podcast but your editing is horrible . I've noticed it on multiple podcasts.

Mar 25th

Jacquelyn McGarry

she's an EMT so she could draw her own blood and dump it in the truck? Also, in a depressed mental state she could definitely have assumed that her kids would be better off without her, and their teacher or a family friend would step in to take care of them. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Nov 25th

Christine Lozano

You guys have had such great content. I recently watched a YouTube video on Kayla Berg from Wisconsin who went missing. I definitely think it's something that you guys can look into.

Jul 17th
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Rhianna Clay if you want more on this case

Jul 16th
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Apple Betty

My question is why is it so hard to believe that someone invented a device that detects human remains? How do you think every other type of device or technology began? This doctor could very well be on to something and people need to be more open minded and objective, rather than jumping on the bandwagon. The police are hiding something in my opinion if nothing has been spoken of in 7 months, and the fact that the officers report was never located in the beginning. The fire chief had inside connections apparently.

Jul 15th

Apple Betty

Interesting that the first "bag" that was found in the small pond was turned over to police and they took it, whereas the second backpack wasn't taken seriously until they revealed the contents of it. Just a side thought.

Jul 15th

Angela Garcia

you go from Arizona to Texas. why not stop in New Mexico?? I could help set up the venue

Jul 15th








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MISSING: Brandy Hall

MISSING: Brandy Hall