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MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 1)

MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 1)

Update: 2018-10-0884


In 2004 a 21-year-old UMass student, Maura Murray, sends a message to her professors saying there has been a death in her family and she will be out for the next week. But that's a lie. No one can explain why Maura did this or her strange actions to follow but just hours after sending that email, Maura ends up crashing her car on a rural road in Haverhill, NH. She is seen and talked to by locals but in a 7-minute window, when everyone seems to look away, Maura vanishes. In this first episode, I will tell you what we all thought we knew about Maura and her disappearance early on in the investigation.

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Comments (6)

Denisa Ghiuzan

Finally a decent podcast where facts about this case are lain in order, no rubbish talking and a smart person talking in a clear way, and revealing some details I didn't knew. Thank you. It was hard to find you. Keep up the good work 😊

Feb 16th

Traci Wilhelm

Missing Maura Murray... another podcast that does give a lot of information. This story has also hooked me when I first watched the 6 part series ... now I want to keep up to date if any updates come into focus. There are some blogs and another series that is supposed to be coming up. I do not have any specifics.

Oct 8th

Rita Lorenz

Traci Wilhelm Updates on Missing Maura Murray still! A few new updates, but no conclusion :(

Jul 20th

Lane DK

Traci Wilhelm yea they kind of referenced that podcast in this episode (not by name), when she said she has taken in the 6 episode TV series AND the (whatever # she mentioned) Episode PODCAST SERIES on Maura Murray....

Nov 3rd








MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 1)

MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 1)

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