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MISSING: Patti Adkins

MISSING: Patti Adkins

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Patti Adkins had been having a secret relationship with a man from her work. When she went missing in July of 2001, troubling details emerge about their affair and the days leading up to her disappearance.

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Daily Dose of Delana

have they looked extensively into his fishing trip. where he went fishing.

Sep 13th


sitting for 45 minutes at a BK is actually totally possible. I live in a large city and between 11pm and 1am, places like taco bell /mcdonalds/bk are PACKED because of people coming home from bars and they want late night drunk food. I have personally sat in line at a taco bell for 40 minutes at 12:30am. so that is ABSOLUTELY possible.

Jul 31st
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Guy M

j mbv m nnn n. c ml ml.m'n mmm. ....

Jul 10th

Jo Ann Harper

but if she didn't make it out of the plant, why was there evidence showing she was in the back of her boyfriend's truck? Also, I wonder what the boyfriend did with her phone and how his wife didn't figure out he had it a week after she went missing

Jun 9th
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Bonnie Brae

so glad you covered this case. I would love to see the murderer smoked out. so horrible.

May 23rd

Em Brannon

I'm alittle confused. She rode into work with a friend because she didn't want her car to sit in the parking lot for a week, but her car was in the Honda parking lot. Officials left it in the parking lot for a year and watched it. If her car was in the parking lot, why would she need to ride with a friend? I don't think she ever made it out of the plant.

May 20th

Tabitha Lynn Stiltner

It's Marysville not Maryville! I live here and that pos is responsible for her death!

May 20th
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MISSING: Patti Adkins

MISSING: Patti Adkins