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MISSING: Sneha Philip

MISSING: Sneha Philip

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Sneha Philip was last seen shopping just a couple blocks away from the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. She never returned home that night or after the attacks leaving many to speculate whether she died as a result of the terrorist attacks or if she saw the tragedy as an opportunity to walk away from her life and start over.

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Comments (12)

Susan Quarnstrom

What if the dress and nylons were for her for the wedding, some gift for the bride and groom, and the bedroom items were for her lesbian lover? Maybe she used the 9/11 incident to run away with her lover and is living somewhere with her? I find that to be very possible. Sneha is not a very common name here, so she probably changed it, so as not to be found out?

Nov 15th

Nancy Maxheimer

So very well done! Such a mystery. Really enjoy Crime Junkie. The best. 👏

Sep 5th
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Kelly Gaskin

9/11 absolutely destroys the chance of any evidence coming out in this case. I'm honestly shocked that the video of her in the boutique was found. Also, I have to wonder if crimes of opportunity were committed around 9/11 knowing that victims would be assumed to be victims of the attack. FULL. BODY. CHILLS.

May 19th

Em Brannon

at 20:56 it skips from talking about Sneha possibly being bisexual to a false report, does anyone else experience this skip?

May 16th
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Erica Hough

what if all those things were gifts as you say like different bridal showers and she took them to a dept store to have them wrapped professionally

May 1st
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Paula Anca Birtalan

I just listened to this episode today and I later got on a Google Ads support chat at work just to get connected to someone named Sneha. I have never even heard this name before today, how weird!

Apr 15th
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Lindsay Graham

I just saw this story on an old Unsolved Mysteries episode - you pronounced her name right :-)

Mar 19th

Summer Martinez

what a sad strange interesting story

Feb 17th
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MISSING: Sneha Philip

MISSING: Sneha Philip