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MISSING: The Millbrook Twins

MISSING: The Millbrook Twins

Update: 2022-08-0831


When twin sisters Jeannette and Dannette Millbrook go missing in Augusta, Georgia in 1990, police are quick to write them off as runaways…even though the signs point to something much more sinister.

And if not for a family that refused to give up… and a podcast that shed light on some of the injustices they’ve faced…we probably wouldn’t know anything about them. Because even though this is one of the only open cases of missing twins in the country…it took decades for them to get the national spotlight.


There is $50,000 reward being offered for information through August 2023. You can leave anonymous tips through or by calling 404-590-2975 or 706-821-1080.

For additional ways to help check out these resources: 

The Millbrook Twins Billboard Fund: GoFundMe

Private Investigations for the Missing, visit:

For updates, follow the Facebook page set up for the twins.

For current Fan Club membership options and policies, please visit

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Araaz Chinikar

hi this episode cuts off at 47 minutes

Aug 17th
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Nicky Grant

Jim Ship should be ashamed of his clearly racist and suspicious behavior. It makes me so angry to here how this case was managed! Full of lies, deceat and racial bias. He and others involved should be fronting up to justice for this.

Aug 9th


I was Liking this podcast you had to put races in a minute but you know what there’s more black on black violence more than any other never talk about that than you I’m tired of feeling ashamed Of being white

Aug 8th
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MISSING: The Millbrook Twins

MISSING: The Millbrook Twins