MMM16 Network Marketing For Moms

MMM16 Network Marketing For Moms

Update: 2020-12-28


My greatest reward from my network marketing business is the ability I had (and still have) to be there for and with my children. Even though they are both grown and gone and my son is a father himself, I never lose sight of the pure joy that brought to me, and the peaceful world it gave them to grow up in.

Just a few weeks back, I was able to move a few things in my schedule and meet my daughter in New York City for 5 days, staying in a penthouse apartment 35 floors up, overlooking the Hudson, with the Statue of Liberty beckoning to me every morning and every night, right out the window.

My business didn’t stop. It didn’t need to. I have set things up so that I have a truly laptop life and business,

Corporate America could never offer me that.

In my opinion, there is no better time or option right now than network marketing. In my opinion, and Google backs this up, it remerged as one of the most powerful business models for families today, all across the globe. What else allows moms and people to work from home, with flexible hours and powerful leverage. Leverage is powerful because it does not require you to leave your home, or to spend most of your time talking to one person at a time.

Social media creates leverage.

You’re already out on Social. Why not continue connecting with people, education and inspiring them to want to join you?

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MMM16 Network Marketing For Moms

MMM16 Network Marketing For Moms

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