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MURDERED: Harvey and Jeannette Crewe

MURDERED: Harvey and Jeannette Crewe

Update: 2021-01-2578


A shockingly brutal crime rocks a rural New Zealand community, but the fallout has bigger consequences than anyone could ever have imagined. 

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It's so interesting to me that so many people have an issue with Britt. I enjoy the sound of her voice. I don't mind her innocuous comments as much as I do the feeling that she only exists to prompt Ashley to expand on/explain certain details of the case as though Britt is a child. I agree that the scripting is annoying, but that's a problem with the setup of the podcast itself.

Jan 31st

Connor Czarniewski

half of the comments hurt to read and the other half give me hope for humanity :)

Jan 30th

Amy Keoghan

you are in a hurry to tell the story!why? no reason to be speaking that fast! and im Irish! we talk a mile a min🤣🤣🤣

Jan 29th
Reply (1)

Shea Nicole

I hate money so much how many people would still be alive or even around if money wasn't an issue 😭 so depressing that a piece of paper makes people so horrible 🥺

Jan 27th


This week's story is done in poor taste. Everything that's going on in this country and you decide to tell this story about corrupt police officers? granted it's in another country and in the 70's- let's try to focus on GOOD POLICE, which outnumber the bad ones by the thousands. DO BETTER CRIME JUNKIES. Maybe could have told this one at a better time...

Jan 26th
Reply (13)

Hilla Adams

y'all act like this podcast hasn't been badly scripted from jump, yet here you are, caring enough to leave comments about it how many episodes later? 🙄

Jan 26th


If you've stuck around this long and still get annoyed at the podcast, you can unfollow. Pretty simple. Your trolling ways will not be missed.

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Andrew Collins

I'm over the over dramatic gasps every single episode. Like really you are surprised that much having done how many episodes?

Jan 25th
Reply (2)

Ashley Ritter

Does anyone else have issues with parts being skipped or repeated? Is it a castbox problem?

Jan 25th
Reply (8)

Andrew Jenkins

brittany needs to get off of this podcast she has no relevance to this show! it's clear nobody wants to hear her. listen to the people.. get rid of britt

Jan 25th
Reply (9)








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MURDERED: Harvey and Jeannette Crewe

MURDERED: Harvey and Jeannette Crewe