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MURDERED: Jessica Heeringa

MURDERED: Jessica Heeringa

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Jessica Heeringa was a young mom in her mid-20’s who was trying to provide for her family. She was smart, loving, a hard worker… and then, in 2013, she vanished from her job at a local gas station.

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Why sharing dog stories?! They're so sad!

Jun 17th

Saralysette Stauffer

so I'm from Phoenix Oregon. I've been to that shelter. its incredibly crazy that that kind of abuse happened to the pruppet but I'm glad our cops arrested them, a lot faster then in human murder cases.

Apr 3rd

Anngelika Blomqvist


Apr 2nd

Dominique Leib

I may have to kick this podcast to the curb, I can't deal with Brit anymore her voice is annoying. She asks the dumbest questions making her sound retarded. I used to like this podcast minus brit lol but since I've listened to many others I've come to realize that this show is not good at all 🤷‍♀️

Mar 25th
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Ced G Reloaded

I'm officially hooked on the Crime Junkie Podcast.

Mar 13th

Chet Hjr

"Blood doesn't tell you when it was dropped there." WRONG!!! Non-Destructive Age Testing of Blood stains allow researchers to date a blood stain accurately, provided said blood-stained is less than 2 years old.

Mar 4th

Aleigha Pruitt

this is one I will never forget. Willis was a regular of mine when I was a server and even blocked my car in one night luckily the kitchen staff came out and scared him off. my sister inlaw also testified against him for Becky's case. I worked with Becky's sister at Mercy Health and still keep in contact to this day. it is a scary world.

Feb 27th

Chris Rice

this happened the next town over from me

Feb 26th

Philip Wilson

I think that 1st middle ad read was felt so wrong. she is pretty much making money from her parents deforce and then crying about it, it feels so shadly. even if we give her the benefit of the doult and it was genuine she still thought it was okay to use for a ad read.

Feb 25th
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What purpose does Brit serve, other than asking such painfully obviously scripted questions? Suuure, all her questions just fall right in line with the story, and you just happen to have extremely detailed answers every time. How about we just tell the stories without faking questions? Like...wait....what?? Like totally....

Feb 24th
Reply (6)

Mike Harrison

stop with all the commercials. look we get it, you need money to keep the podcast going but holy shit. I listen to many podcasts that are 3 or 4 times as long with half the commercials. enough already

Feb 24th


Every time I hear that incredibly stupid word "pruppet" I kick a dog in the face.

Feb 24th
Reply (2)

Chris L

Would be nice to have some podcast with my ads.

Feb 24th
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Cheri Smith

I live in MI. About 40 minutes away from Norton Shores. I remember when this happened. There are many people, myself included who believe Willis is not Jessica's abductor. Jessica's mom and sister still post occasionally to the Find Jessica Herringa Facebook page. You should check it out, it will help you understand how and why they feel the way they do about the Willis conviction...I hope some day Jessica is found. My heart breaks for her family.

Feb 24th
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2.56 to play

Feb 24th
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MURDERED: Jessica Heeringa

MURDERED: Jessica Heeringa