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MURDERED: Lindsay Buziak

MURDERED: Lindsay Buziak

Update: 2020-01-06142


24-year-old Lindsay Buziak was an up-and-coming real estate agent in beautiful Victoria, BC, when she was found stabbed to death in the upstairs bedroom of a house she was showing to prospective clients. Nearly 12 years later, Lindsay’s family and friends -- and local police -- are still trying to find out who killed Lindsay and why.

Saanich police tip-line: or 1-888-980-1919

Crimestoppers (anonymous): 1-800-222-TIPS // 1-800-222-8477

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Comments (26)

Jae Cloete

so many adds all of a sudden! extremely annoying when youre listening while trying to fall asleep and have to get up to skip the adds.

Apr 29th

Jason Ramirez

so many questions not asked. Jason said he seen the couple so what was his description of them... were they wearing the same clothes or did they change? with so many stab wounds I'm sure they would have had plenty of blood on them. were there evidence of someone taking a shower or was there blood in the sink??? and I really don't think someone from a drug cartel would even post a message or even talk like that meaning using the words they used. I think they should look into Jason some more.

Apr 28th

Joylyn Slager Judkins

why would the boyfriend bother knocking or ringing the bell?? it's an empty house as it's brand new. there's no courtesy to meet? this is weird to me.

Mar 9th

Chrissy Cat

My theory is that with some connection to the friend in Victoria, she witnessed something or found out about something and she was murdered to ensure she wasnt a liability.

Feb 13th

Bridget Aleyda Marroquin

what if it was that "Friend" that wasnt reachable. maybe a jealous act ...?

Feb 11th

Lo K

I’m sorry but the fact that she called her clients the Mexicans instead of learning their real names is absolutely disgusting and so very racist. I know that they killed her and I think that that is wrong but she should have learned their names. that would’ve probably helped her out a lot more too. she did know them because she was in communication with them but she only referred to them as the Mexicans ?gross. 

Feb 5th

Amanda Mariah

I love y'all

Jan 14th

Krystal NB

I’m not a realtor or anything but I’m curious if she ran a credit check on the people’s names and socials before showing them the house. I’m sure those would’ve been fake as well but maybe somewhere to look...

Jan 9th
Reply (2)

Alexandra Tieng


Jan 8th
Reply (1)


how did " the Mexicans " arrive at the property? did they have a car ? because I would assume her boyfriend would have seen a car when he pulled up to the property of they were already there ?

Jan 7th
Reply (2)

Lina Kan

I loved your podcasts, but I have the feeling that the past few months the commercial breaks have been like every 10 minutes, which makes it very hard to concentrate on the story.. Such a shame.

Jan 6th
Reply (1)

Victoria Hughes

I was confused at first. I thought, "Wait, they've already covered this one." Then, I realized that it was Casefile that covered it. You know you listen to too many true crime podcasts when... 😅

Jan 6th
Reply (3)

Louise Roberts

Victoria is a LARGE place population almost 100, 00! Certainly not a place where everyone knows everyone. Saanich is even larger. I got excited when Calgary was mention by my FAVORITE true crime podcast! That's where I live!! You should come visit 😊

Jan 6th
Reply (1)

Apple Betty

Jason had something to do with it. I have no doubt.

Jan 6th
Reply (1)

Trice Breanne

Finally! I missed you guys

Jan 6th








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MURDERED: Lindsay Buziak

MURDERED: Lindsay Buziak