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MURDERED: Mary Lynn Witherspoon

MURDERED: Mary Lynn Witherspoon

Update: 2022-01-0315


When Mary Lynn Witherspoon doesn’t show up to work at the South Carolina school where she taught, her friends and family immediately know something must be wrong. And they immediately suspect the involvement of a person who had been stalking and harassing Mary Lynn for more than twenty years. There’s just one problem: that person is supposed to be in jail. 

For more information and resources on stalking, visit the Stalking Prevention, Awareness and Resource Center (SPARC) website at

For more information on transgender rights, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality website, including their “About Transgender People” section:


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Beth Anway

I used to listen to this... It got weird and semi boring. Not sure what Brit was there for...? Going to try it again

Jan 14th

Eden D

Its 2022, if people dont want to educate themselves so they dont sound like inconsiderate asses then thats on them. but girls, you are amazing and do an amazing job at sticking to the facts and giving all the right info. Dont listen to the haters and keep doing what your doing. You NB/Trans/LGBTQIA fans EXTREMELY appreciate it!!!! (Non-Binary listen here :) just for the haters lol)

Jan 9th
Reply (2)

P Larson

I have to unsubscribe- I’m just not woke enough!

Jan 6th
Reply (1)


Let’s go Brandon. Stupid woke liberals acting like the feelings of a murderer matter. Pathetic.

Jan 4th

Thom R

woke bullshit right off the bat, definitely not listening to this.

Jan 4th
Reply (2)

Carmen Simms

is it me or does Ashley flowers sound different...hmmm conspiracy theory ha

Jan 3rd
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MURDERED: Mary Lynn Witherspoon

MURDERED: Mary Lynn Witherspoon