DiscoverCrime JunkieMURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader
MURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader

MURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader

Update: 2019-06-17169


This week we have two stories of women who were murdered and laid to rest, Reyna and Michelle. It would take decades before Reyna would be able to rest in peace and Michelle and her family are still waiting for their day.

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Kirstin S.

My ex-boyfriend was legally unable to own a firearm at the time for being previously deemed a danger to himself and others, and that is the only reason I'm alive today. It kills me that my father knows this fact and still advocates for "anything goes" gun ownership. I'm so lucky my ex was limited to what he could find lying around the house when he was drunk because I was able to disarm him. Lord knows he talked about all the things he'd do to me with a gun often enough. I could have been like Michelle, and I'm sure lots of us could have been as well.

Sep 15th

karsa orlong

is the hair still in the casefile? do another DNA test and find out who's hair it is. doncha think??

Aug 14th
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nombre means name...numero is number.

Jul 31st
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nombre means name, número is number

Jul 13th


This story gets me every time. All that time went by and Reyna wasn’t resting 💔💔💔

Jun 20th


this was a forensic files episode

Jun 20th
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Aubrey Hardin

i was very blessed to have a great friend that lived nearby and a family that drove 22 hours to save me, my oldest son, and my son i was pregnant with at the time. I was put into early labor and almost bled to death after giving birth because my husband had been violent almost from the moment, within a week, after we got married. It was mostly towards me, but on Aug 4, 2017 he started beating 5he shit out of my then 10 yr old, and shoved me to the ground (almost 9 most preggo) when i tried to stop him. He then went downstairs, made a pot of coffee and acted like it was just any other morning. My friend's son had stayed the night with us the night before, so he witnessed all of it. She got this overwhelming mama bear sense and knew we were in trouble, and came over 3 hours earlier than planned to pick her son up and invited my son and i to come with them to swim at her house since my husband was going to work. we called 911 and cops met us at her house, then arrested him. He wound up making a plea deal and was only given felony child abuse charges and 4 years surpervised visitation. I had gotten a restraining order on him within 4 months of getting married, but I found out we were pregnant and my family was 22 hours away (we lived near Sheridan, WY, they lived near Memphis, TN) so i felt stuck and like i needed him. He knew how to reel me back in. I wound up having him arrested about 5 times. When my baby turned 6weeks, we moved back home with my family, who had rushed out there right away when they found out I went in to early labor! I may be dead by now had I stayed because the violence progressed so rapidly in such a short amount of time. He choked me until the point I passed out 2 or 3 times while I was pregnant, and I didn't know that made me 10 times more likely to die at the hands of my abuser until the interview with a domestic violence expert on this Show.

Jun 17th
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MURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader

MURDERED: Reyna Marroquin // Michelle Schroader