DiscoverCrime JunkieMURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan
MURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan

MURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan

Update: 2020-10-0598


This week, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we're bringing you the stories of two women whose lives were stolen by their abusive ex-partners.

We are supporting two organizations. The Network, which is a Chicago based advocacy group who has provided training and services to people in the same area where Shaquita lived.

We also are supporting the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice in their missions to foster change at all levels and empower communities to better meet the needs of survivors everywhere.

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Comments (74)

Jessica Knutson

In my jurisdiction, someone violating a R/O in person is the highest priority call we have. My officers would have been dispatched to the store immediately. Her boss should have been advised that it was an emergent situation.

Dec 20th


"He gets out of prison and goes back to ding the same thing" Please if you are going to be crime people know the difference between prison and jail. He was in jail, which you CAN bail out of Prison you are sentenced and are in for more than 18 months. BIT difference when telling a story.

Nov 8th

Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

There was a study done (I can cite it if you would like) that came to the conclusion that a man's worst fear is that women would find him impotent. The sane study found that women's worst fear is that they would be killed by a man. Serious shit man.

Oct 17th
Reply (24)

Upstate SC listener

So Chicago is one of the cities wanting to defund the police. They need to new mayors and govenors. Vote RED!

Oct 16th
Reply (2)

Rhiannon Lawrence

I live pretty close to the house where Tara Costigan lost her life to a murderer... I'm so glad you covered this, and covered the domestic violence issue as it is a huge and silent crisis within our neighbourhoods. It's a bigger pandemic than the current covid pandemic, and made worse by the effects of covid.

Oct 16th


I do find the format a bit strange. like instead of being a podcast with 2 equal friends like you hear in redhanded and morbid you just feel like Britt is a sidekick there to make the appropriate sounds like gasping which is really weird because surely she knows the case? I can't help get this image in my head where its like "Hi, I'm Ashley flowers (*gets a full name) "and im britt" but i always get the image of doofus in the scary movie parody saying this bit. Britt should be brought up like an equal, she's obviously intelligent enough. Break free Britt and ask for more.

Oct 13th

denise litwin

Stop slamming Britt. What's wrong with you. She does her job well on this podcast.

Oct 12th
Reply (1)

Ben Polston

Tells some of the saddest stories about innocent children being murdered, but only cried over sad puppy stories and women who were in abusive relationships. 🤔 Makes sense

Oct 7th
Reply (3)


Britt sucks

Oct 7th
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Rainbow Satanist

Men are Terrifying: An Ongoing Saga

Oct 6th
Reply (31)


unfortunately, this is not uncommon. the court system let's them out again and again and the abusers really don't get in trouble unless they actually kill the victim. I'm lucky, I survived and was able to get out. 5 years later and he still violates the OP and police do nothing. So I just stopped reporting it. it's so sad, and so unfair.

Oct 5th
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MURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan

MURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan