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MURDERED: Shari Smith and Debra Helmick

MURDERED: Shari Smith and Debra Helmick

Update: 2022-08-1536


When 17-year-old Shari Smith is abducted from her driveway in broad daylight, it seems like her family’s nightmare can’t get any worse. But when her abductor starts calling them relentlessly, investigators hope that his recklessness will lead to his downfall... that is, until a second girl goes missing in an eerily similar manner.

John Douglas' book When a Killer Calls

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bryant southerland

this is one of my top favorite episodes of CJ. I rarely comment, but this episode was so good that I absolutely had to. Thank you guys for helping me to not feel like a weirdo because I am a crime junkie. Brit we definitely miss you and can't wait for your return. We can't wait to all say together "and I'm Brit".

Sep 1st

Desi Darling

Just bought your book Ashley! Congratulations!! You have such a wonderful narrative style and it really drives such an emotional response. I find myself getting goosebumps as you tell the story and tearing up hearing the details of these horrific crimes, and I laugh with joy whenever one of these mfers gets caught! While I listen to many true crime podcasts - yours is my fave because of this! I know the book is going to be amazing so off I go to read that!!

Aug 17th
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Shitty confession then sentenced to Death 😳🤯🤯🤯🤯... No evidence or DNA of Larry's ever found then BAU Guy tells Mom and Sister what to say 😒💀 ohhhh justice

Aug 15th

Lynn Van Devander

Wow! This guy is both brazen & disturbed. I truly hope there is a hell for animals like him! I pray their families heal & find some kind of peace from what this monster put these girls & their families through. 🙏🏻♥️ 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Aug 15th
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MURDERED: Shari Smith and Debra Helmick

MURDERED: Shari Smith and Debra Helmick