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MURDERED: The Eastburn Family

MURDERED: The Eastburn Family

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In 1985 Katie Eastburn and two of her daughters were brutally murdered while her husband was away. It would take over 20 years and three trials before their killer would be brought to justice.

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Comments (18)

Marisa Ellison

I got so mad when I thought he had gotten away with it! Glad military stepped in and help!

Nov 7th

Chrissy Cat

My heart dropped when the DNA matched, and then I almost cried when the military stepped in to try him.

Oct 15th

Christina L Wertman

He waltzes in after committing the crime...why? 🤔

Sep 17th

Roy Ramirez

another editing fail. wonder if this is a cast box thing? three concsecutive episodes 3 consecutive editing mistakes. editing fails at end of episode are the worst. cmon Britt, check your work.

Sep 9th

Zizi Flor

This is crazy! You made this case so interesting by your commentary. Great job

Aug 1st
Reply (1)

Vickie Gardner

Patrick's DNA, the other guy with Members only jacket, was his DNA tested? There are too many unanswered questions.

Jul 19th
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andrea richardson

The best part of this episode was the mention of the very specific, Members Only jacket. GUILTY!

Jun 15th


I seriously do not understand how a person as f***ed up as they can be can do this kind of thing to people, especially children. My heart hurts when I hear these kinds of things.

May 29th

Chrissy Denton

Ugh! This man is coldhearted! This one was like a thriller movie. I agree with everyone that there probably was an accomplice.

May 19th

Karen Mitchell

I remember seeing the 1996 miniseries with Rick Schroeder, and John Corbett as Tim Hennis, that convinced me totally that he was innocent. I was so shocked by the DNA finding so many years later. I can't help but think about police or DA's planting his DNA, or contaminating the sample from the victim somehow. I think some prosecutors will go to great lengths to get their conviction and advance their careers, regardless of the truth. Wouldn't the DA be motivated to be known as the one who finally got a conviction for the Eastburn Murders after all these years? It would make her career. I also wonder what an FBI profiler like John Douglas would say about the fact the Tim Hennis had nothing else in his history all these years to show the kind of mentality or tendency toward that kind of violence. Add all this to the unidentified blood on the towel and hair that don't match Hennis, and I still have doubt.

May 16th

Jonas Grumbie

a shocking amount of people had a Members Only jacket in 1985.

May 15th
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Miranda Moothart

I truly don't think the guy did it. Sperm can stay in your body for days, and he sounded like the kind of guy to do that. Of course he wouldn't come out and say that. I don't think because it would hurt the husband's feelings, but it would incriminate him. Not to mention forensics aren't as reliable as some people think, and they often lead to convictions of innocent people. I think the idea that there is an accomplice is kind of pushing it considering only one person was seen by the witness. Also, why would the cops keep that other guy's stuff in his car if they didn't think it would throw a wrench in their theory? I think that guy had sex with her, and ended up being pinned to something he didn't do.

May 14th
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*spoilers* It seems incredibly likely to me that he had an accomplice. The unaccounted for DNA on the towel and under the fingernails somewhat points to this, but the postcard really seals it for me. He insists on his innocence the entire time, and just a few days after he's locked up, he gets a perfectly cryptic postcard that seemingly points to his innocence? I'd bet a lot of money that he had his accomplice send that postcard.

May 14th
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MURDERED: The Eastburn Family

MURDERED: The Eastburn Family