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MURDERED: The Lundys Part 1

MURDERED: The Lundys Part 1

Update: 2021-02-2278


When a woman and her young daughter are found brutally murdered in their home, the investigation leads to the person who was supposed to have loved them more than anyone else in the world.

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Why do ppl in such debt go to such great lengths and desperation? File bankruptcy, sell your home, etc...I'll never understand family inhalation.

Mar 2nd
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Nicky Grant

Great episode! I grew up in Palmerston North so it was an unexpected surprise. It was very big news as you can imagine as Palmy is relatively small. You guys have gone into the details really well. Even though I was fascinated by the case and have been ever since there were things you mentioned that I wasn't aware of.

Feb 25th


To everyone reading and/or responding to comments: I highly doubt the comments on Castbox affects the podcast ratings (or the feelings of the podcaster). If you wanna make a positive/negative impact on the success of a podcast, rate and review on their Apple Podcast, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. There are SO many apps like Castbox that, realistically, the comments section is for the audience to talk to eachother and start conversations about the episodes. TLDR: If you feel the need to be disrespectful or harsh towards a podcast or the hosts and want to make your voice heard, this isn't the place. Make comments to discuss with other listeners and have an open dialog. Otherwise, it comes off as just someone trying to stir the pot.

Feb 24th
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Bri W

Wonderful podcast! I love the repartee between you two. keep doing what you do!

Feb 23rd

Sheryl Valentine

On this pod app Castbox when I listen to your show ladies which I love of corse. But lately I been noticing it seems to play fast .It sounds like your talking really fast but it was everything like the laughs ect, so I knew it was something wrong with this app probley.So I went on Spotify app and listen to the same show and its normal and fine. So FYI I notice alot of the shows too not just this one, play super fast on Castbox app.If this is happening to u to go to Spotify I guess . Hopefully the problem can be detected and then fix soon. I like to go back and forth on a few of my pod cast apps so def would like it fix.Thanks

Feb 23rd
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Chloe G


Feb 23rd

Angelica Kidd

Of course I say "and I'm Brit" along with Brit!! Great episode, and I am definitely looking forward to part 2 next week!!

Feb 22nd

Annika Navarro

yes I do!!!! the entire thing!! hi crime junkoes!

Feb 22nd


great job ladies! I think I speak for all the crime junkies out there when I say this was an amazing episode cant wait for part 2!

Feb 22nd








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MURDERED: The Lundys Part 1

MURDERED: The Lundys Part 1