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When a young mom is killed by her boyfriend's service weapon, local law enforcement treat her death as a terrible tragedy and rule it a suicide. But her family believes the truth is much more sinister.

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Andrew Jenkins

brit has literally no place in this podcast. GTFO

Jan 20th

Ashley Van Dieren

Honestly the dog talk at the end was the best part of my day! But I will only raise border collies 🥰🥰

Jan 8th


So many of these stories make me disgusted with law enforcement. There are some great cops out there but there are also some really f**king shady ones too.

Dec 18th


Statement analysis blog isn't a valid site. It's a random person doing this. It's not anything held by law. This shouldn't be included in these episodes. Otherwise good episode but quit with the blog. Not reputable. Wasted about 6 minutes listening to a personal opinion played like it should be taken into high consideration.

Dec 2nd


This is yet another reason why I hate cops, and even listening to you "Playing devils advocate" all because your brother is a cop! You're brother might be that 1 out of 20 cops that are decent, but you also do not ride with him everyday so you don't know how he is. Maybe take your cop lover goggles off and see what a gang they are!! My god they say if you cross the "thin blue line" basically rat out a bad cop you will be fucked! What is that? You would think they would want the bad cops weeded out but they don't because they are ALL bad cops! Period!!!!! Yes I have family that are cops too! I do not like them either!!!

Nov 8th

The Everyday Bombshell

That 911 call was so odd.It was like 2 different people. Actually, it seems like a "trained and calm cop" is the real person and pretending to be hysterical whenever he remembers how this call will sound later when he is accused of murder. This bad relationship was the only teal issue that this chick had and she was going to wash her hands of it that night. Suicide at this point makes very little sense. Shame on the investigators. Im going to say it for the millionth time...investigate a scene like this like it's a murder and downgrade later, not vice versa....and he was treated like a cop not a potential suspect. He is not above the law and should've been treated just like you or I would've been.

Nov 3rd

Bec G

this is so hard to listen...poor woman did not get justice

Nov 1st

Dana Begody

The Deputy took her phone or used Michelle's phone at the concert and texted her sister n brothers to set the scene to look like suicide. It was def premeditated n planned by this dbag cop. I can't believe the shit job by the investigators. unreal

Oct 31st


toxic masculinity is wild, Michelle is dead on the floor and he has to insist on being called sir.

Oct 28th
Reply (5)

Kirstin Bernard

This “statement analysis blog” sounds like utter bullshit

Oct 27th
Reply (2)

Katie Kofoed

Criminal Conduct goes super in depth with this case. Definitely give it a listen. Jeremy Banks us a piece of fucking garbage.

Oct 26th

Christine Wilson

This case is a tough one to call, for sure. I know that it is very possible that he was abusive- cops abuse their partners just the same as anyone else. [Actually have known, personally, an officer who was abusive to his girlfriend.] It's actually sad, because it does seem to be easier for them to deny, and get away with. It is sad, too, because of the "Brotherhood" surrounding them because of their employment, and we truly want to be able to trust those that are assigned to protect us. It's so often an unseen or unaddressed problem and issue. (Whether their actual guilt is something seen, or truly an unseen and unknown issue.) I can only (personally) encourage anyone who is in an abusive relationship to find a way to get out- there are many places willing to help the abused to escape their abuser. I urge anyone, in any abusive relationship, to reach out for help. Don't wait. They will not change for the better. As a matter of fact, the only way an abuser changes, is by changing their actions for the worse. You are worthy of something better! Although (at least in this particular instance) it is very difficult for me to have an opinion on whether or not he is guilty, or not guilty, I do hope that if he is guilty, they are able to come up with the proof they need to prove it and get a conviction. One thing that I did want to point out: After listening to you talk about the fact that she held the gun in her left hand when/if she took her own life... Actually it is not uncommon to hold the gun in your left hand, when you are a right-handed person. I actually shoot with my left hand, and I am right handed. I would never hold the gun in my right hand, for any reason, while shooting. It feels... off. Even if I were to aim the gun at myself, the gun would be in my left hand. I just thought I would share that bit of information. I don't know if it makes any difference, but it may help in understanding at least that bit of information, while weighing out case facts. Thanks so much for your research, and gathering up all the latest in so many cases. Fantastic podcast- truly my favorite!

Oct 26th
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AJ Slayer

As a trans person, I really appreciate your careful use of pronouns! You both are amazing humans!

Oct 26th

Violet Martin

Hey at least she fulfilled her dreams lol

Oct 26th
Reply (4)


Listened to this on another podcast and the cops didn't investigate properly. Such a shame. I bet this happens a lot... Cops abuse at a very high rate.

Oct 26th
Reply (3)


Brit way over analyzed that call.

Oct 26th
Reply (2)


"Her death was ruled a suicide. [...] Her boyfriend was a deputy." Sounds about 40% sus.

Oct 26th
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