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MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Mitrice Richardson

MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Mitrice Richardson

Update: 2020-05-04108


Mitrice Richardson disappeared after being released from an LA County Sheriff's station, leaving behind questions about mental health, police bias, and much more.

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the ad said "food insecurity" lol wtf??!?

Dec 17th


You ladies completely missed out mentioning that the weather conditions in the canyon would not have allowed mummification, she should have decomposed, had she been there the whole time. You also missed that the Sheriff's deputy who followed her outside the station was transferred elsewhere and subsequently died by suicide. He's also the one that was sent to the guy's house to check on the woman on the porch...and refused to make a statement. There's warrens of rabbits to follow...I recommend starting here: For those of you questioning the corruption of the LASD, there's an INCREDIBLY long history of much so; that Lee Baca, the LASD top Sheriff from '98-'14, is in Federal prison for obstruction of justice and interfering with an FBI investigation into ABUSE OF PERSONS IN CUSTODY!!! If you want some further entertainment and education on just how awesome the LASD can be...look up Rampart scandal, those were fun times in LA!

Jul 29th

Ronda Peal-Ward

OMG...this sounds like a very similar case that just occurred last month in Kansas City!! immediateky as i listened to this pod cast....i thought, 'the police??!!' Still no answers, many conflicting pieces of data.... similar to poor Mitrice, she did leave police station early in the escort home. no phone call? immigrant from brazil....and a member of a 'cultish type religious organization' that is not cooperating with search or investigation. There are also concerns of Marina fasting or doing a 'cleanse", witnesses report concerning behaviors and neg drug reports were resulted. scary times!! please help!!! Published on Jun 24, 2020 Anyone who knows where Marina may be should call the Missing Persons Unit at 816-234-5136 and refer to case 20-36577 or call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477).

Jun 30th
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Agape1 Cordova

the sheriff's deputies raped her and killed her!!! 😠🤬😡😡🤬🤬

Jun 4th


Right from the start, cops = bad and racist. This was worthy of CNN, mostly opinion, little facts. Did you even listen to yourself? So the Mom doesn't show but can now sue the PD for negligence. Apparently cops are medical professionals now too. Right. Unsubscribe.

May 22nd

Wayne Powers

"a little bit of marijuana, like less than an ounce" so 1-28 grams? wtf lmao

May 16th


IMO I think the cop that followed her out killed her and it was being covered up.

May 11th

Rodney Dean

I definitely understand we could do better but do you realize how many individuals we have contact with on a daily basis that have mental health issues. The vast majority do and generally with substance abuse as well. Given most are adults it is often a fine line. I'm in agreement that a lot of these investigations are botched or not conducted thoroughly. But you guys Monday morning quarterback everything... I love the podcast and will continue to listen tho.

May 8th

Dominique Leib

Lattice, mattice wtf. This story was hard to follow due to the names being so close they sound like a Dr. Suess book

May 7th

Mariah Guillen

I love your podcast

May 6th

Pat Edwards

you lost me after "gogo dancer in lgbqrst bar in LA."

May 5th

Sarah Richardson

"how could they do this and get away with it?" you're forgetting one important thing: she was a black woman in LA.

May 5th


sad she was taken from this world but I am ready for this podcast!

May 4th


Ladies, disappointed in the tone of this one. Latrice should have gone and gotten her. It is comical that ya'll basically blame the cops and imply they were racist. i am in recovery from addiction to drugs and was arrested a few times. 1) They actually treated her like anyone else. They dont know her and she basically stole from the restaurant. 2) They cant take her anywhere once she was released. They offered to let her stay overnight then she said no. She is grown. She broke the law twice and you are blaming the cops. Lolol...her mother is probably going to sue the cops, when in reality, it was really her responsibilitie. I a blond hair , blue eyed white woman from a very respectable family, the cops have never taken me to the impound lot, they were not doing it to be racist. The lot would have been closed by then. They were gonna let her stay in a cell. They usually won't do that because then they are liable if anything happens. This is an unfortunate situation. While her mother said she lived an hour away, she should have gone. Mitrice was given options and left. I thought ya'll were more intelligent than that. All it takes is a little critical thinking to know the cops did nothing wrong. A grown woman chose not to stay. You would probably be criticizing them if she had stayed and you would spin it where they were wrong. If you have decided they were racist, then it's easy for you to spin it into their fault. Ya'll are basically contributing to racism by building a case of it, where there was none. I feel for her mother, her daughter acted poorly that night.

May 4th
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She was in age range for onset of schizophrenia or schozoaffectove disorder. and all of this would have been resolved that they would have just let her grandmother pay the bill over the phone and if he done with it and let her go home. For the stupid cops would have found her check card in the car since it was so easily found my other people with money on her car to pay for her meal

May 4th


the mom and daughter's names sound so similar and it's kind of hard to keep them apart

May 4th








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MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Mitrice Richardson

MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Mitrice Richardson