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Magic: TheQuartering | Ash Wednesday with Jeremy Hambly

Magic: TheQuartering | Ash Wednesday with Jeremy Hambly

Update: 2024-05-30


Jeremy, the quartering, and Stephen delve into the complexities of modern relationships, focusing on the challenges men face in the legal system, particularly in divorce cases. They discuss the impact of no-fault divorce, which they believe disproportionately favors women, leaving men vulnerable to financial hardship and emotional distress. Jeremy argues that the legal system, with its emphasis on spousal support and the lack of clear expectations for women, creates an imbalance in relationships, making men hesitant to commit or express vulnerability. They also explore the role of the church in promoting healthy relationships and the need for a more balanced approach to marriage and family structures. The conversation touches upon the societal pressures on women to achieve financial independence and the potential for this to create conflict in relationships. They also discuss the impact of dating apps and hook-up culture on the institution of marriage and the rise of AI sex bots as a potential threat to traditional relationships. The episode concludes with a call for personal accountability and a recognition of the need for a more balanced and equitable approach to relationships, acknowledging the challenges faced by both men and women in the modern world.



This Chapter introduces the podcast episode and features a brief conversation between the host and Jeremy, the quartering, about their shared experiences in the online space.

Fortune Wheel Game Show

This Chapter features a humorous game show segment with the host and two guests, Kenny Jean and Thomas Finnegan. The game show involves solving puzzles and includes a sponsorship for Tax Network USA.

Rumble and YouTube

This Chapter delves into the topic of YouTube demonetization and the rise of alternative platforms like Rumble. Jeremy discusses his decision to migrate his audience to Rumble and the importance of creators taking a stand against censorship.

Cheese and Vermont

This Chapter features a lighthearted discussion about cheese and Vermont, with the host and Jeremy playfully debating the merits of Vermont cheese and maple syrup.

Men's Mental Health

This Chapter focuses on the topic of men's mental health, with Jeremy sharing his perspective on toxic masculinity and the importance of promoting healthy relationships and perspectives on masculinity. He expresses concern about the rise of negative content that blames women for men's problems and encourages men to find fulfilling lives outside of the dating app culture.

Marriage and the Nuclear Family

This Chapter concludes the episode with a discussion about the importance of marriage and the nuclear family as foundational institutions. Jeremy emphasizes the role of self-governance and the importance of promoting healthy relationships and family structures.

The Challenges of Modern Relationships

This Chapter delves into the challenges men face in modern relationships, particularly the legal system's bias towards women in divorce cases, and the impact of no-fault divorce on men's financial security and mental health.


Jeremy, the quartering
Jeremy, the quartering, is a popular YouTuber known for his commentary on culture wars and men's issues. He is known for his outspoken views on topics such as toxic masculinity, feminism, and the impact of social media on society. He has a large following on YouTube and other platforms, and his videos often generate significant discussion and debate.

Rumble is a video-sharing platform that has gained popularity as an alternative to YouTube. It is known for its commitment to free speech and its opposition to censorship. Rumble has attracted a large number of conservative and libertarian creators, who have been critical of YouTube's policies on content moderation.

YouTube demonetization
YouTube demonetization is the process by which YouTube removes advertising revenue from a channel. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including violations of YouTube's community guidelines or the use of copyrighted material. Demonetization can have a significant impact on creators' income and can lead to a decline in their channel's visibility.

Toxic masculinity
Toxic masculinity is a term used to describe harmful and negative aspects of traditional masculinity. It can include traits such as aggression, dominance, and emotional suppression. Toxic masculinity can have a negative impact on men's mental health and can contribute to violence and other harmful behaviors.

Men's mental health
Men's mental health is a growing concern, as men are often less likely to seek help for mental health issues than women. This can be due to societal expectations that men should be strong and stoic, and that seeking help is a sign of weakness. It is important to address men's mental health issues and to create a culture where men feel comfortable seeking help when they need it.

No-fault divorce
No-fault divorce is a legal process that allows for the dissolution of a marriage without the need to prove fault or wrongdoing on the part of either spouse. It has been widely adopted in the United States and other countries, but it has also been criticized for its potential to undermine the stability of marriage and to create financial hardship for one spouse, often the primary earner.

Prenuptial agreement
A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract entered into by two people before they marry, outlining the division of assets and property in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements can be used to protect the financial interests of both parties, particularly in cases where there is a significant disparity in income or wealth.

Dating apps
Dating apps are mobile applications that allow users to connect with other people for romantic or casual relationships. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they have also been criticized for contributing to a culture of superficiality and instant gratification. Some argue that dating apps can make it difficult to build meaningful relationships and can lead to a decline in social skills.

AI sex bots
AI sex bots are artificial intelligence-powered robots designed to simulate human companionship and sexual interaction. They have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, raising ethical concerns about their potential impact on human relationships and the future of intimacy.


  • How did Jeremy, the quartering, get into the YouTube space?

    Jeremy started his YouTube journey by creating computer repair videos to learn about SEO and organic search results. His videos gained popularity, and he eventually realized the potential of internet marketing. He later got canceled for his views on a card game he loved, which led to the creation of his popular channel, "The Quartering."

  • What are some of the challenges Jeremy faces as a YouTuber?

    Jeremy faces challenges with sponsorships, particularly in the health and wellness space, where he has to be cautious about promoting potentially harmful products. He also faces the challenge of navigating the online culture wars and promoting healthy perspectives on men's mental health.

  • What are Jeremy's views on men's mental health?

    Jeremy believes that toxic masculinity has a negative impact on men's well-being, particularly in the context of dating and relationships. He encourages men to avoid blaming women for their problems and instead focus on building healthy relationships and finding fulfilling lives outside of the dating app culture.

  • Why is Jeremy concerned about the rise of negative content online?

    Jeremy is concerned that the rise of negative content online, particularly content that blames women for men's problems, can lead to a decline in men's mental health and a decrease in their willingness to seek help. He believes that this type of content can create a cycle of negativity and resentment.

  • What is Jeremy's perspective on marriage and the nuclear family?

    Jeremy believes that marriage and the nuclear family are foundational institutions that provide stability and support for individuals and society as a whole. He sees them as essential for self-governance and believes that they are under threat in the current social climate.

  • What is Jeremy's advice for men who are struggling with dating and relationships?

    Jeremy advises men to avoid relying solely on dating apps and to instead focus on building relationships through real-life interactions. He encourages them to join clubs, sports teams, or other activities that require more than one person, as this can help them meet people with shared interests and build meaningful connections.

  • What is Jeremy's stance on censorship and free speech?

    Jeremy is critical of censorship and believes that creators should have the freedom to express their views without fear of being silenced. He supports platforms like Rumble that prioritize free speech and oppose censorship.

  • What is Jeremy's perspective on the role of creators in promoting positive change?

    Jeremy believes that creators have a responsibility to promote positive change in the online space. He encourages creators to be authentic, to protect their audiences from harmful content, and to promote healthy perspectives on important social issues.

  • What are the main concerns Jeremy and Stephen have about the legal system and divorce?

    Jeremy and Stephen believe that the legal system, particularly in the context of no-fault divorce, is biased towards women, leaving men vulnerable to financial hardship and emotional distress. They argue that the system incentivizes women to initiate divorce and that men are often unfairly penalized in terms of asset division and spousal support.

  • What are Jeremy and Stephen's views on the role of the church in promoting healthy relationships?

    Jeremy and Stephen believe that the church has a responsibility to promote healthy relationships and to provide guidance on marriage and family structures. However, they also acknowledge that the church has failed in some ways, particularly in its approach to gender roles and its tendency to place more emphasis on men's accountability than women's.

Show Notes

I met TheQuartering! We had a nice sit down for Ash Wednesday. We got into some great war stories, how to properly enjoy cigars, SEO, internet marketing, big tech censorship, our failures and our successes, getting into fist fights, how the game has changed over the years, getting cancelled, Magic: The Gathering, the nature of manhood, dealing with death, and much more!

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Magic: TheQuartering | Ash Wednesday with Jeremy Hambly

Magic: TheQuartering | Ash Wednesday with Jeremy Hambly