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Magickal Paths - Conjure

Magickal Paths - Conjure

Update: 2019-02-18


In this episode, Kelle invites Carin Baskin, a Conjure practitioner, to join her to talk to us about what Conjure is, where it came from, and how she found herself walking this path. Carin and Kelle also give us some ways that we can get more information about Conjure, as well as some of the other related paths touched on in this episode. Carin wraps up the episode by giving us a couple of Conjure charms to staunch blood and to bring rain.


-For more information about Kelle Sparta:

-For more information about Carin Baskin:

-Driveabout (Spirit Sherpa Theme): Driveabout (Full Version)

  • Written by: Kelle Sparta
  • Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer
  • Produced by: Daniel Singer

-Mama Starr Casas:

-The Skeleton Key (Movie): Universal Pictures, 2005,

-Cloak and Dagger (TV Series): ABC Signature Studios/Marvel Television, 2018+,

-Staunch Blood Charm:

  • By the blood of Adam, sin was taken,
  • By the blood of Christ, it all was shaken,
  • And by that same blood I do thee charge,
  • That the blood of <Charm Recipient Name> no longer run at large.

-Bring the Rain Charm

  • Abjure the blood, and all its stains
  • To blacken the skies, in witchcraft’s name
  • To raise the winds, and bell the Dame
  • To bring the rain, to bring rain

-For More Information on Conjure, Carin recommends the following books:

  • Staubs and Ditchwater by H. Byron Ballard
  • Asfidity & Mad-Stones by H. Byron Ballard
  • The Conjure Workbook: Volume I: Working the Root by Starr Casas
  • Old Style Conjure by Starr Casas
  • Working Conjure by Hoodoo Sen Moise
  • The Candle and the Crossroads by Orion Foxwood

**Please note: While these are not “beginners” books, they do have great content that Carin recommends**


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Magickal Paths - Conjure

Magickal Paths - Conjure