Mainframes are still a big thing

Mainframes are still a big thing

Update: 2023-01-27


This week we’re talking about mainframes with Cameron Seay, Adjunct Professor at East Carolina University and a member of the Governing Board of the Open Mainframe Project. If you’ve been curious about mainframes, this show will be a great guide.

Cameron explains exactly what a mainframe is and how it’s different from the cloud. We talk COBOL and the state of education and opportunities around that language. We cover the state-of-the-art in mainframe land, System Z, Linux on mainframes, and more.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:16 ) - Sponsor: Sentry
(01:56 ) - Start the show!
(04:40 ) - What is a Mainframe?
(08:39 ) - What exactly is an IBM Z Mainframe?
(12:16 ) - What hardware makes up a Mainframe?
(15:50 ) - How is Mainframe different than HPC?
(22:58 ) - Sponsor: Postman
(24:13 ) - Should devs learn COBOL?
(27:43 ) - What's the interface to use a Mainframe?
(31:52 ) - Will IBM always own the Mainframe?
(34:19 ) - What flavors of Linux run on Mainframe?
(36:15 ) - The Open Mainframe Project
(37:56 ) - COBOL misconceptions
(40:11 ) - Demand for COBOL devs
(42:46 ) - How do you attract devs to this world?
(53:24 ) - What the path to get in?
(58:35 ) - The BIG opportunity
(1:02:25 ) - Thank you Cindy Harris!
(1:03:04 ) - Outro

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Amina Idrissou

I love the energy of the gest.. thanks for sharing the knowledge and the passion.

Jan 30th
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Mainframes are still a big thing

Mainframes are still a big thing

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