DiscoverProfessional TroublemakerMake Good Trouble - Episode 1
Make Good Trouble - Episode 1

Make Good Trouble - Episode 1

Update: 2021-01-052


Welcome to the Professional Troublemaker podcast. As we’ve been preparing to launch Luvvie’s new book Professional Troublemaker into the world, we’ve been auditing and examining everything we do. We want to make sure that the content we create and the things we offer are the best of what you need to do better. 

In this episode, Luvvie talks all about where this new name comes from, defines what a professional troublemaker is, and why it is so needed right now. You’ll get a peek into the kinds of interviews we’ll be bringing you and what you’ll be learning alongside Luvvie as we dive into these amazing conversations.

We’re here to bring you thought-provoking conversations with amazing people who have taken action, caused good trouble, and consistently shown up with the courage and confidence they needed to become the fear-fighters they are today. You’ll get the inspiration and action steps you need to take up space and stand in who you are so you can step out into the world and do big things.


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Make Good Trouble - Episode 1

Make Good Trouble - Episode 1

Luvvie Ajayi Jones